Thursday, June 28, 2007

Practise, practise, practise and more practise, is there any use?

Some times i wonder whether there is any use in practising my violin.
I think when it comes to music, practise is totally different. Its not like maths where the more u practise, the better and faster you get. For the violin, no matter how much I practise I still seem to be the same. I don't feel much fast or more accurate.
To think that I gave up on my Chem last night to practise so hard last night, and the night before, and the night before, and throughout the holidays, and before the holidays and before term started all for today's mid years music exams.
First thing Audrey said, "I think you all never rehearsed enough".......
Thank you very much....
Those people who started young and had good teachers who had good teaching methods and learn to play the correct way, or were born talented (this applies more to the case of singers) WIN ALL LAH!!!

What am I thinking of... Forget it la.
Hours upon hours upon hours of practise comes down to a 25 minute session in which if you screw up then that's too bad for you...
I've been insulted....

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Bewitched, bothered and bewildered

Your True Love Is a Sagittarius

Why you'll love a Sagittarius:

Deep and philosophical, you'll love getting lost in hours of conversation with your Sag.
Your Sagittarius is curious and adventurous enough to keep you interested... not an easy task!

Why a Sagittarius will love you:

You're passionate about a few important issues, a kind of depth that Sagittarius finds very attractive.
You're outgoing, flexible, and up for almost anything. You and your Sag will have tons of adventures together.
What Sign Is Your True Love?

The only sag that i know? My sister. No wonder we are siblings

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Call me a genius

PHEW!! Its finally over. I finally managed to fix the bloody mess of a network in Dad's office. I've never configured a network as complicated as this before and a huge thanks to all the people at who helped me so much. This network is so tough because I had to work with a hell of a lousy streamyx modem that Telekom provided and I had to isolate Dad's computer from the rest of the 20 computers on the 24 port network switch which was itself connected to a D-Link router so that I could set specific firewall rules for all those computers and Dad's computer was isolated from the rest so that it would not be limited by the firewall rules. Its basically DSL modem-->Linksys WRT54G wireless router-->D-Link wired router-->D-Link Gigabit 24 port switch. Phew, my mind is like swirling with ip addresses now as the Linksys and D Link have different ip addresses and the modem on its on has another set of ip address. So i was like doing trial and error the entire day until i finally hit on the correct combination. The entire network of computers is up and running how and the wireless is working perfect and so is the online video cameras and I just keep my fingers cross that everything goes well. YAY

And this are pictures of me experimenting with Mum's amazing mirror which has this amazing ability to magnify our reflection. I've plenty of Physics laws going thru my mind now. Wonder which one fits.

Going to Ahma's village tomorrow which is called Sua Teng which is translated as on the hill top which is actually this village called Gombang which is a few miles from the slightly bigger village called Pagoh. I can't wait to attack King Kong's coffee shop for the delicious toast kaya and butter bread and some Milo ais or Kopi or Teh Tarik. His coffee shop has always been that delicious since I was born. And of course I get to see my not-too-distant-cousin/relative who is 18 this year who got married and gave birth to a baby girl last year. Considering I'm already 17, this is amazing. I'm like an uncle now. (feels old)

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Malaysia is Great

The joy of escaping from that blessed country and coming back home is just incredible. There is this indescribable feeling of freedom and liberation. I think coming back this time is especially special and fun because Jie is back and I've somebody to talk to and fight with and share the fun with instead of like being at home in my room alone the entire day. And the thing is most of my friends are already freed from the constrains of school and transport and communication so a lot of us communicate through handphones and MSN and they can already drive around and have lots of free time so there have been an increase in gatherings and parties from people whom I've never went out with before. Anyway here's a picture from Wei Xiang's birthday party last night. And I have not met Jiun Farn and Wei Xiang since I left for Singapore 3 years ago. Yup, thats what constrains to communication, transport and school can do to you and your friends.
I think the 3 air cons in the house have to been switched on simultaneously for the night for like 2,3 years now. I've had a lot of fun this time. The only spoiler is the mid years directly after the holidays. I've to juggle practising the violin and studies and the joy of being at home and all the food galore. I wonder if any other superman out there have achieved this feat before. Just music alone is f***ing crazy. I mean other subjects don't have stuff that requires you to practise everyday for 2 hours at least and you have to be focused and well disciplined during those 2 hours and you have to be in good well awake conditions too and that is on top of the huge pile of music notes that you have to study. Its insane really to take music. I wonder how are the others coping. I figured out that if I'm not done revising by now I might as well give up because I'm going to fail anyway. But I'm guilt stricken.

Currently reading The Jester by James Patterson and Andrew Gross
Currently listening to 你不在-王力宏

My beauty of an on loan violin from Ms Kwok. Its a 20+ years old German Mattio Alban copy. The bow and the violin cost an incredible price of $6000. I'm very much in love with its aesthetics and the huge sound that it produces

My beauty of a violin case which Jie bought for me from London costing an amazing 70 pounds which is like $200 plus Sing dollar which is much cheaper and cooler than those $800 bucks BAM cases.

Sunday, June 17, 2007


As requested by Cleaven,here are the lyrics for 放假了 together with guitar chords :-)

C F G x3
C F G# G

阳光洒进房间 被闹醒了
假期的第一天 就开始了
Am Em F C
仿佛昨天还 正在上课
Am Em Dm G
想起在讲堂 里打瞌睡

C G Am Em
又放假了 心里不知该干什么
F C Dm G
昨天今天明天 就过去了
C G Am Em
又放假了 心里不知在想什么
F C Dm G
刚才现在当会儿 就过去了
C F Gx3
C F G# G

阳光洒进房间 被闹醒了
假期的第一天 就开始了
Am Em F C
Am Em Dm G

F C Dm G A#
刚才现在当会儿 就过

D A Bm F#m
又放假了 每次假期都过好快
G D Em A
昨天今天明天 就过去了
D A Bm F#m
又放假了 这次我要好好的过
G D Em A
刚才现在当会儿 就过去了
D G A# A

FLY, FLy, Fly,fly

I'm back in Malaysia finally :D Just when everybody was starting to go back to hostel to mug, I'm going back home to play. Damn I am crazy and out of my mind.
Anyway, don't think so much about exams. This about the miracles of flying. Cos I was at the airport to pick up Jie today and its like so amazing thinking like 12 hours ago I was on the phone with her and she was like halfway around the world, 7 full hours behind me and 12 hours later she walks out pushing the trolley in front of me. Isn't the invention of the aeroplane simply AMAZING. Just think about it, in 12 hours, you go from fish n chips to asam fish. You go from angmohs to Chinese, Malays and Indians. You go from foreign land to HOME... Its just amazing... blows me away. I bet none of u guys have thought about aeroplanes before. I can't stop saying how amazing it is... Mind blowing stuff.
Ohhhhh, I can't wait to step out of house tomorrow and go and eat all the wonderful food that I miss so much. There is:
1. Asam fish
2. Bak kut teh
3. Mi hun kueh
4. Roti canai
5. Teh tarik
6. Everything the mamak stall sells
7. Laksa
8. Char kuay tiao
9. Wanton mee
10. Char siew rice
11. Cendol
12. Dough nuts
13. Goreng pisang
14. Ikan bakar
15. Mee rojak
to name a few. YAY... come quickly tomorrow

Now listening to 倔强-五月天

All the way my band :)

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Last day

Last night in H1-11-04, the room that I had grew to love especially during this few weeks where I was all alone. I love the darkness, I love the quietness when I tuck in to bed every night. Oh, I can enjoy a bit more when I go home tomorrow but after the hols its going to be back to 4 people in a room again. Cramped, bright, noisy... Sobs..
I wanna go home..

Now listening to 知足-五月天

Friday, June 15, 2007

Japanese restaurant on the bay

The not so exciting part
Woke up late again today. I've been waking up at my record waking up time for the past like 3,4 days which happens to be 1.30pm which is a perfect time to wake up because dining hall ends lunch at 1.30pm which is just great because although I can still make it down there is no way I'm going to rush down to the dining hall all smelly and messy haired and in boxers and singlet like some bloody PERK. Hey, I ain't no PERK.
Anyway so I decided to go to the Esplanade so that I can listen to the Dvorak Sonatina Op. 100 in G major, take a look at the score and see if I can prepare in within a month for the concert. But before that need to settle empty stomach first so I had like a few pieces of biscuit and milo for lunch (by that time was like almost high tea already), packed notes and went to Esplanade.
perform that for concert. After I was done, picked up the paper as usual. Read thru Newpaper and Straits Times. Nothing interesting going on in the world today except that stupid damn expensive Kuala Lumpur drain which is the debate topic in Malaysia today I'm sure. Then by this time it was like 5,6 smth and I haven't done anything yet so I told myself I must start studying. And.. I took out my new story book The Jester by James Patterson and read it till like 7.30pm then I realised again I haven't done anything for the day so I told myself must study and FINALLY took out my physics note and read kinematics and dynamics and finished them. I dunno if I should be happy with my achievements of not. So on the spur of the moment IHello, hello library@Esplanade yet again. The place which accompanied me throughout my O's period. One of the places where my 7 points results were formed. Anyway, thats besides the point. I spent like an hour looking for the score which my ass was facing all the time and yet I didn't noticed. (well, my ass doesn't have eyes) and listen to the piece and it was very typical Dvorak. Can hear some of the distinct dunno wat mode of scale he used which sounds a bit chinese and american. Just like his american string quartet in F. I still dunno if I'm going to decided to renew my library membership and DANG! I'm so stupid for throwing away my old library card it cost me freaking 5 bucks to make a new 1. BOING!!! and borrowed 3 DVDs (HOW CAN I BE DOING THIS DURING THE EXAMS!!!!!). Okay, okay. enuf crap. Moving on to the exciting part.

This is the exciting PART!
Now if you guys are ever at Esplanade and feeling extremely hungry and cold and craving for something to warm you up and keep you alert. Here's my recommendation. Ichiban Boshi!!! which is a Japanese restaurant in Esplanade itself. And I must
say the food there is absolutely delightful and fresh and delicious. Now, when a Muarian says that a particular restaurant serves nice food you must TAKE NOTICE because as everybody knows, Muar is the best place for delicious food in Malaysia so Muarians naturally have a good taste of whats good and whats not. So believe me man, Ichiban Boshi should be the only Japanese restaurant you even bother to visit. Its JAM packed on concert nights and during dinner time around 6,7. If you go there too early say 4,5 there might not be sufficient food going around the revolving belt. I went there at about 8,9 pm today and there was a wonderful array of sushi going around even their most very delicious cheese cake. Their sushi per plate is $1.90 which is standard market price in Singapore. 5,6 plates of sushi should get the average Singapore decently full so your meal will be like 15-16 bucks and you get top quality jap food. Its worth it and savior a cup of fine piping hot green tea. Sooths the throat.
And here are some pics.Here is what I call starters

Some Japanese green stuff that allows me to experience an orgasm :-D Much better than SEX
My main course of Chicken Teriyaki Rice bowl. See the balance of green and brown. Its just perfect. Notice the already high pile of sushi plates behind. As I said earlier, 5-6 should satisfy the average Singaporean by who said I'm the average Singaporean. I'm not even a Singaporean in the first place :-)

*BURP* That was satisfying

Green tea with Japanese cheese cake. Pure class and substance

Sums up my meal

Black and white thrown in for good measure

So those were the pictures from my exciting day out. The meal cost $27 bucks which majority belonged to that Teriyaki Chicken and the taxes. Well worth the dining experience. They have extremely polite and helpful staffs too.

So people remember. If you are looking for great Japanesee food. Please do pay Ichiban Boshi a visit at Esplanade. There have a branch somewhere in Orchard but the ambiance at the Esplanade is just top class.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Song available

Okay guys. The lyrics for the song that I had written has been completed and the song has been added with all the intro and bridge and ending so this is more or less the finalized version of the song. If you want to listen to it its available here. PLEASE PLEASE go listen to it and give us some comments on it. Your feedback will be very much appreciated. The name of the song is Fang Jia 放假.

This song is a branch of the emo and slow songs that I'm always writing. Its really very much my first attempt at writing happy songs thanks a lot to YOU and the superb lyrics are my Ming Yao. Thank you so much for that. We are now looking to finalize the piece by notating it down. Adding in the drums and bass guitar and electric guitars. Record it with a good singer (most definitely not ME) and then we are pretty much DONE! YAY.. Almost time for celebration :-D


If you bother to scroll down and look at my last post asking people to leave comments about my song you will see a pathetic ZERO comments. ZERO. NIL. NOTHING...
This goes to show how many people even bother to visit my blog, bother to read my posts or are even interested in what I say and what I do. Even something as exciting as a total new song that nobody has ever heard before that is fresh out of my head is not attractive and exciting enough. Even my so call "friends" and "classmates" don't even bother to listen just for the sake of supporting me. I would like to say THANK YOU to all those PEOPLE out there. I never knew I had such a wonderful bunch of people that I called FRIENDS.
Of all the people that actually listened to my song or asked me about it most of them were because to I went to ask them to listen then they listen. I know very very few people like Johnson, Yezi, Tingxin and Jun Lam were the automatically ones. My heartfelt gratitude to all of those who really care and listen to what I have I say (this is really from the bottom of my heart). To the rest, its fine you don't know my blog address but in case you never noticed, my MSN nick also has the link to the song. Did I receive any comments thru MSN? NO!! NOT A BLOODY FREAKING SINGLE ONE EXCEPT FROM those I already expected like Yezi caused she's my bandmate. Not a single one from people in my school. Classmates, cca mates, music classmates, random stranger... NONE.. One short song isn't worth supporting as compared to some freaking volleyball match or hockey match? Musicians need as much support in fact even more than sportsman. Your shouting and cheering by the side doesn't really affect them. They can't even hear you. Musicians on the other hand need comments and critics. So they can improve and write for the market better. Oh, maybe its because the song's in Chinese and you don't understand a FREAKING BLOODY word of your mother tongue? BURN IN HELL MAN!!
Noticed what tingxin, johnson, junlam and the rest of the JJB have in common? They are not people from that blessed tiny red dot. Maybe yezi's the exception but the point is... what kind of society is this.. Nah, I don't know what I'm talking about anymore but I'm just damn disappointed. Not handsome enuf izzit, or I don't smile enough? or I always look so fierce or WHAT??!! 我们还有朋友做吗?NO MORE OF THAT FAKE FACE THAT I'M SHOWING YOU GUYS ALL THE TIME. NO MORE FAKE SMILES OR LAUGHTER OR "TRYING TO FIT IN". I DON'T CARE IF YOU SEE MY BLACK FACE EVERYDAY. I'M GOING SOLO.

YES YOU, thanks for being so cold. So much so for all the anticipation and preparation for you. So much so for the 'care' that you showed me. Its a waste of time waiting for nothing to happen. 海鸟和鱼是不可能相爱。 我如今已放弃了。我不能等待冷淡。

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Music and Bands

I spent the entire evening chatting with this guys from IJC and forgetting about physics. We talked a lot on bands and stuff and he's really experienced in this kind of stuff and it was a great chat. I got plenty of tips about Chinese bands from him. I heard 2 of his compositions and they were marvellous. Ready for the market stuff. So in the end he thought of this plan of asking me and yezi to join him as he lacks and drummer and keyboardist and we would be in time for Superband 2. Well, I'll just see how things go. Meanwhile, I sat down and composed another song. Without lyrics this time and the best thing is I recorded it. So listen to it and tell me what you thing about it. Please try as much to ignore my singing voice and focus more on the guitar and the melody. Please leave comments... I need your support.

Click here to listen

If the file doesn't play when you click on it. Just right click on the link and select 'save target as' and download it into your computer and open it with Windows Media Player.


This song is supposed to be a happy song. Very lively. Describing happy life and happy love. Bright colours of orange, yellow, red and green.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Art of finger torture

This is what happens if you don't practise the violin or guitar for a week and after a week you pick them up and start practising again.

The picture on the left shows my very bloodied hand.
The picture on the right shows my fingertips. Now look very carefully at the finger tips. See all the skin peeling off. Yup this is what happens to people like me who love to portamento around the violin fingerboard and guitar fretboard and this is a result of not playing for a week in the time which the thick, rough husk that has built up disappears and the soft skin heals again. Nice. I love torturing my fingers. Even as of now when I'm typing on the keyboard, I feel the numbness and pain.
Budding violinist, its not so much caused by the violin. The damaged is caused more by the guitar with its thicker strings and further distance from the fretboard.

By the way, the red stuff is not blood but red ink from the lousy pilot pen that exploded in my hand and can't be washed off.

Congratulations to Rafael Nadal for winning Roland Garros and congratulations to Lewis Hamilton for winning the Canadian Grand Prix :-)

Off to sleep!!

People who want to listen to my songs, please contact me personally..

Do check out Its damn cool. From the movie, Just Follow Law

My friends the air stewardess

Let me introduce you to my air steward and stewardess friends. From left Hong Hu and Xiu Ling. Spot the errors in the photo.
1. They are dragging Brother printer instead of luggages
2. They are not dressed in uniform
3. They are at SUNTEC!!
4... I dunno. I'm so full of crap.

Ya, this...might be a brewing scandal. Go together. Buy the same thing. Walk together. Go home together.

Call me a busybody, call me a nuisance. Call me Andrew the Great paparazzi. :-D

More to follow... ;-)

Creative spark

I'm in some kind of creative burst/spark now. I composed 2 songs in the space of three days and I even wrote the lyrics for them. Okay, the lyrics are kind of cheesy and kiddo but hey its still my work. One of the songs is in Chinese and the other is in English. In case you are wondering with my poor command of Chinese how did I managed to write Chinese lyrics.. well.. blame it on my creative spark. And what a time too, just when I was supposed to be studying Physics, I'm holding on to my guitar trying out different chords and writing down crappy lyrics but hey I'm having fun.

Just in case you are wondering why I haven't been blogging so many days well, I've been accidentally falling asleep on my bed reading my story book every night. I finished the books yesterday so I've managed to not lie on my bed today and fall asleep. I just came back from Malaysia on Thursday and took some photos:

This is a photo of me like dunno how many years ago and I took it off a photo in Dad's office. Let me introduce the people in the photo. From left: Mirror mirror on the wall, basin, Gardenia bread, ginseng wine, skippy peanut butter, ME, bread toaster.

These photos were taken at Dad's estate.

The seven puppies (aren't they cute) having lunch. They belong to some uncle but they are supposed to guard the estate when they grow older and learn how to bark. In the mean time, I'm going to adopt every single one of them as my own. Yay, they were fun. Surrounding me and then biting my shoelaces and pants playfully and clamoring all over me. :-D

And this is the land being cleared so that we can use it. Its Malaysia nice and green. Unlike, greyish, robotic Singapore which so reminds me of PLMGS.. YUCKS!!
Get a life!

Thursday, June 7, 2007


Sigh, back in the tiny red dot, the land where its so crowded and there is not enough space and its so noisy and bright and everybody looks so sad and depressed where amazingly I can feel lonely.
My body hurts like hell!!!. My triceps, biceps, chest, thighs, back muscles feel SO sore. Every single tiny movement I make, I can feel it. Well, this proves that the gym session works. Aiming for bigger biceps, bigger triceps, stronger and tigher thighs and bigger breasts muscles...well, I mean the chest muscles where the nipples are just in case u don't know.
I had a great debate session with Shiyi over looks, popularity and loneliness and I must admit I sort of lost. Well, Shiyi gave a quote and she said:"Wouldn't it be cool if people were borned all alike?and their hearts would be written on their faces." Well, its a very shattering kind of quote... It would be cool I'm sure. But FHM and Playboy would be out of business because everybody looked the same. Well, no matter what everybody says that look doesn't matter, look still plays a part. Imagine if two people approached and one is normal the other only has an eye and no nose. You would be frightened rite. U would seek cover with the normal person rite? Well, at least I know I would.
Loneliness is a product of our imagination so said Shiyi. Well... I sure don't have a brother coming up to me when I'm lonely asking to watch SpongeBob with me so I've to make up and imaginery friend?or maybe tell mum and dad can I have a brother? Well according to her its like a mind over matter kind of thing. If you keep telling yourself u are lonely then you will be... But I really am lonely la..There's like nobody in VH that I know now. Brotherhood of Jar Jar Binks are all in Malaysia. My phone has vibrated or rung for like a few days. Its sad. I guess from the point of somebody who everytime you pick up your phone and there is a new message, they can't really tell how I feel or advice me? I don't think so much of loneliness as a placebo effect thingy, a mental problem. I feel loneliness is more like physical. I mean last year in Dunman with the JJB Brothers, not a single second did I feel lonely at all. I need some form of entertaiment. Maybe I should call one of those chatlines that I see in the newspaper everyday but they are so damn expensive. Any of my friends out there who are willing so sacrifice their time to chat with me for like forever?
Mel actually said my blog is funny (its supposed to be emo -_-!!!) She was laughing at Weird Dreams by Weird People post in May and kept asking who the people in my dreams were. Well, its not very difficult to guess Mel.
1)I already told u the person from 07s44 is a PRC.
2)Then I mentioned down there about my girl friend and guy friend so u know one is a guy and the other is a girl and not both guys or both girls
3) I already told u its not Stacy
4)I mentioned something about red face :-D
There you go. The answer to your question. This is just to test how loyal a reader of my blog you are and if you are going to come back and read my blog :-)

Erm.. wat else did I wanted to say...Ya, its back to mugging and violin practise again. Hardcore mode for the next 2 weeks then after than when jie jie comes back, I can relax for that week then EXAMS!!! WOOHOO. I LOVE EXAMS SO VERY VERY VERY MUCH(no I don't)

Wanna JAM









Of delicious food

got back home and ate the red hot asam fish. Then there was more delicious dishes by ahma,
then i did maintainence work on dad's office's computers. Then off I left for JB.
Great workout at the gym, had a swim (although I can't swim for nuts), and a good heated jacuzzi. Great meal at this restaurant in JB.
Ah.. life just can't get any better.
I appreciate the simple life Malaysia offers.
I appreciate the quietness of things. Singapore if often times too noisy and too crowded for me. Even finding a quiet place to be alone and surfing the net, like what I'm doing now is literally impossible in Singapore.
I appreciate how food here is automatically determined by the chef and not written down in menus available in S,M and L sizes.
I enjoy the vagueness of things.
I enjoy how we can just laze around and waste time and not care less about missing the bus or MRT or deadlines.
and I wished you were here to enjoy it with me or at least you knew that I wished you were here with me...

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Going bananas

well the thing is I bought the only bunch of bananas that were ripe and ready for immediate consumption at NTUC the other day and that bloody bunch came with over 20 bananas at only 2 dollars something. They were going to discard it cos it was overly ripe. Any tomorrow I'm going to go back to Malaysia and the bananas are already starting to turn ripe and here I am going thru my 9,10th banana of the night. Stuffing myself with bananas just so that they won't rot while i'm away in Malaysia and I'm stuff up to the brim in bananas. Haix, and there are still like so many left and they are already so black. Giving them all to Ming Yao. My banana saviour.

My mind is going bananas with all the mental torture that Ms. Dai is putting me thru asking me who is the girl I like. She really is very persistent about it and won't stop asking who that unlucky girl is. Sigh, already say unlucky lor, I won't dare to say anymore. Haix...

Ji Teng gave me this very good quote yesterday 癞蛤蟆想吃天鹅肉
Its so true....


Monday, June 4, 2007

A night emo-ing

This is a picture of ECP during full moon at night. Its a scene thats becoming very familiar to me as I spend more and more nights emo-ing at ECP. I just stand there and stare at the moon. Singapore sadly has no stars but the sight of the moon and the reflection it makes on the water, like some kind of yellow path that leads to the moon brings back a whole ton of memories and it also generates my creativity as some melody or some dream come rushing into my head. Its just so beautiful. I sit on my bike, or I stand at the edge of Bedok jetty or I just sit on a random quiet piece of beach and take in the breathtaking view and just sigh and let go of everything, dream of everything romantic and dream of big things. Me conducting an orchestra, me being the soloist accompanied by an orchestra, me drumming to the fanatic screams of fans at a concert while the lead singer and guitarists of my band sing and play their hearts out in front and below me, me being liked and popular and having loads of friends and me and the most beautiful woman on earth. (hahahaha, 想得美)

In case you are wondering why my blogging frequency has increased to tremendously well the reason is I'm becoming increasingly lonely. I've nobody to talk to in the hostel for most part of the day, actually its the whole day and its like that everyday. Sometimes I wonder if any sound actually comes out of my mouth for the whole day(well there must be sound when I sing). Blogging is like my way to communicating and talking to whoever who is going to read my blog. Its where I write how I feel or relate my experience to whoever bothers. Its a kind of replacement to talking. Hence talking and blogging are somewhat inversely proportional to me.



I can't believe the number of cockroaches in my room. I'm like killing one every single week. I just killed one a few minutes ago, crushed it with my broomstick and i heard the crunch sound. YUMMY. That makes 2 this week. Please stop coming to my room please. I don't want to hurt you guys but if u keep appearing in my bathroom when I'm bathing or shitting or peeing, it freaks me out and I've to kill you for that. GO, BE GONE!!!

Composition Workshop

to those that didn't know, I was involved in a 3 day composition workshop last week. It was basically a workshop for O level music students but AS had some contacts inside so she managed to get us spaces at the workshop to and it was damn cool. I learnt loads was just damn fun la. Below are 2 pictures taken on the last day of the workshop. It was supposed to be a VJ picture but that was what was left of VJ students on the last day of the workshop. Stacy had Strings, Gwen was in England and TK was at SYCO.

The people in the pictures are from left Melodie, Mrs Morton, Mr Morton, me! and Mrs Audrey Soh (our music teacher in VJ)

After looking at the pictures, (well actually I had known before looking at these pictures) I realised 3 things.
1. I'm not very photogenic
2. I wear my pants too high, I look ugly in my VJ uniform
3. I need to reshape my hair.

Conclusion, I need a makeover and some photo posing lessons..

9 men, a court and a ball

I went over to Hwa Chong to play street soccer today. It was just a random idea that i told Hu yesterday and in the end he managed to gather 6 people and later 2 more random people joined us. Of course even though my team with 5 men against the 4 men team, we still kena trashed like siao. The opposite team was like entirely out of soccer team players of different JCs. Superior stamina and ball technique. Oh well, I'm so used to losing that winning doesn't even cross my mind nowadays.
Later that night after dinner, Ji Teng and I decided that going home was too much of a bore so we found some ways to waste time. Instead of taking the bus all the way up to Dhoby Ghaut where we changed buses to go home, we got down somewhere near Paragon and walked to Dhoby Ghaut. Little did I know our little adventure was going to be so exciting. We ended up in Carrefour Plaza Sing, I was hungry so I bought the Carrefour chicken and Teng bought the drinks.
I found a spot under the tree outside Plaza Sing and our little picnic begun. The chicken sucked real time. I'm not going to buy those miserable chicken anymore. Anyway, it was a kind of brother to brother, man to man talk. I was laughing at how the atmosphere and everything was so perfect the only problem being instead of drinking beer or shandy or wine, we were drinking yogurt drink from Carrefour. Haha. We had a good chat about love and relationships and I realized that we are pretty similar in style when it comes to love life and how we think and feel about certain things when in a relationship. It was a very enlightening talk and I really enjoyed it. I came to many conclusions too during that talk. Well... Ji Teng is in a stage that I was in some months ago. I told him to not think so far and take each day as it comes la. A lot of the stuff that we chatted about are very private so I'm not going to reveal much here. I'll only attend to people interested in knowing about our love lives or past love lives on a case by case basis.
The image of 2 guys, sitting under a tree, eating Carrefour chicken and sipping yogurt drink simply refuses to leave my mind. I smile at the thought of it now.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

First Day

I'm absolutely in love with this song. Written by First Day (FIR+Stephanie Sun+May Day) with lyrics by the genius Ashin. So people, enjoy it. It was recorded by Stephanie Sun which was such a waste. This version is with Mayday performing and Ashin singing it during their Final Home concert in SINGAPORE and its absolutely marvelous, beats the Stephanie Sun version hands down. I'm going to jam this song one day but the key changes and drum beats are extremely tricky. The opening bagpipe theme is so catchy. Had me singing it the whole day. Here it is. 第一天 by 五月天





first day first day
first day first day
first day
today everyday first day

Saturday, June 2, 2007

England vs Brazil

Woke up at 3am to watch and support England playing Brazil and the new Wembley stadium last night. I was amazing I guess. Weei and I seldom get to support the same team playing cos normally its like he wants Man U to win and I don't want Man U to win so if Portsmouth scores a goal against Man U I gotta control my feelings and the same for him too when Man U scores against someone else. But yesterday was totally different.
We were going like UHHs AHHHss. Shouting and screaming in a quiet manner cos his roommate was asleep la. When the Terry goal came we were like punching the air celebrating together. When Wes Brown got sub up and make that stupid mistake with his first touch we were like bloody piece of crap rubbish player, lan jiao player, ji bai player...Hehe, I had fun.... Only managed to sleep at 5.30am and woke up at 1pm today.

The beautiful melodies

Hong Hu kena stunned by she-who-must-not-be-named today. I asked him 有看到吗? he said, 有有,很美!!! Well there you go.... One more fan to add to her list..
Its like a mismatch. A scene from a movie where the geek falls for the cheerleader..Not possible is it...
Oh well, I must continue to live my life..

The strings concert went well. An orchestra performance never fails to blow me off my seat and I was blew of my seat although everything wasn't of professional standard but i think they should be applauded for their efforts and determination alone... Its quite sad that the crowd didn't really follow orchestra music protocol. Well, actually you don't clap between movements of a symphony or concerto or whatever else and at the end you clap endlessly so that the conductor will do curtain calls and ultimately the encore piece. You don't stop clapping after he walked backstage and then shout for encore. Its just weird.

Hong Hu asked me this question and it really shot through my heart and caused me to think alot. He said, why u never go and meet up with your class or congratulate your friends. For a moment I was stunned. Come to think of it, I didn't really make an effort to congratulate people so I was jolted into action. First Danni then Stacy then Edmund. Thats basically everybody I know in strings. I was happy and satisfied with myself. Normally I would just walk home directly after a concert and not hang back to congratulate everybody. I guess its different when you have friends watching concerts with you. Hong Hu, that was the reason why I really wanted you to come and watch the concert with me. I'm not some popular guy in school and gets invitation to watch this and that with friends. Most of the time I'm just alone. I don't walk around in school all the time surrounded by many people. I think I'm just this nobody.

Ways to get famous....

Friday, June 1, 2007


"As I was passing through Windy Gap"

That was the first line of the song that I composed or rather we composed during the composition workshop. Haha. The title of the piece is Ngayulyul (In-ga-liu-liu) which means the place where the hawk dreams. It is actually an aboriginal word.
I had fun throughout the 3 days of the workshop. Met new people, got so tired to listening to Listz's La campanella and Rachmaninoff's Piano Concerto No.3. There were these few guys at the workshop who loved them so much and played them whenever they could get their hands on a piano. Of course during the first 2 days, AS was in one of her PMS moods again, scolding me for absolutely nothing at all.. Oh well, girls always have that PMS excuse whenever they scold poeple for no reason.
One of the things I learnt during the composition workshop is that we must learn to listen to pieces that we don't like. Ask yourself, when was the last time u actually decided to listen to a song or a piece of music that u already know u didn't like. The reason we should is because there is actually a lot that we can learn from these songs that we don't like. Well, for me, its back to Schoenberg and Stravinsky...

stop singing love songs to prevent me from falling deeper in love with you.


"Frankly, she's too good for you"
Etched in my memory...
But I still want to dream on...

Big Bang

Whats that smell in the air.....
Listen to that sound that cuts through the silent air....
Was that a shadow that just swept past.....
Its coming towards you...
Closer and closer....
Its a bird, its a plane.....
Its going to collide....
Abang is BACK!!!

Hello to anybody who even bothers to read my blog nowadays, after spending $120 bucks buying an 120GB hard disk at the PC fair yesterday. I finally managed to swap out the dead hard disk in my laptop for this brand new one, installed windows and everything else and wahla... here I am, back again.
Yes I've been leeching on other people's computer just to check my email and simple stuff for the past few weeks. My heart felt GRATITUTE goes out to WEEI for his laptop for this past almost one month. You've suffered a lot but I shall not been bothering you anymore..
Thank GOD that stupid Dell decided not to reply my call about the new hard disk. They wanted to charge me 261 dollars for a 60GB hard disk while I bought my 120GB for only 120 bucks. Which should hopefully be able to last me another couple of years...