Thursday, March 27, 2008

Of Strings and Wood

VJC Guitar Ensemble presents.....

Perfect Fifth,

Our annual guitar concert features a diverse range of music from the classical era to modern rock.

VJC Performance Theater

16 May, Friday

Tickets at 10 bucks.

drop me a message if you want tickets. I'll be playing Santana's Smooth, The Click Five's Jenny, Eric Clapton's Wonderful Tonight, Elvis Presley's I Can't Help Falling in Love With You, Jay Chou's Cai Hong and Secret and Mayday's Zhi Zu.

Phew what a list. Hope I make it through the auditions.


And here I am, back in this blog typing my thoughts away.

I must say that I'm going through a tough period of time. Failing in many of the things that I'm doing and being worried about a lot of things.

Common tests came and went and my results were not bad. They were absolutely dreadful. Failed Maths, Chem. Lowest in class for Music. Barely passed Physics. Disappointing GP. The worst thing of all was Chemistry. I spent all my time studying for it. 2 freaking weeks. I doubt the others mugged that hard for Chem. I was inspired by a new and much better teacher and wanted to do well for it. And it comes back all disappointing and in red. And to top it off, Mr Lim walks up to me and say study harder Andrew....

Then there was the joy of getting into Music Fest semis. And the extreme pain and sadness in getting booted out of the semis. I guess I took it especially hard because I really wanted to achieve something in VJ. Something to show that my time at VJ hadn't been totally wasted. And I failed. I guess maybe some of them are blaming me a bit with my refusal to change a vocallist for the semis. I was never that brutal and ruthless to drop people coldly, prefering to give people a chance to improve.

Then there is this constant worry about having achieved nothing in VJ. Pathetic CCA membership, no leadership position, no significant achievement, no CIP hours. I guess what my teacher said is coming true. Its going to be a blank testimonial for me. It is that pathetic. Some people complain that they have to come home from school late everyday and they are always tired. They don't understand the guy who reaches home at 2-3 plus everyday with nothing to do and plays his guitar to himself and resorts to playing computer games and sleeping.

With my current position now, Berklee seems so far away......

Maybe I should reconsider my options. Poly courses interests me quite a lot. But then why am I doing my A levels for....