Friday, February 15, 2008

Welcome to Vertigo

Compare this picture of the band U2 above (Bono is on the right) with the picture below. Don't you think there are some similarities? Especially between the guy dressed in all black and Bono?(Ignore the bewildered face)

Anyway I felt this photo above that was taken at the Duomo looked like the album covers of rock bands with the lead singer always standing in a weird sideways pose and the drummer always the one behind. There is actually a U2 photo with Bono in that exact same pose but I can't find it though.

Miles and miles

Well, the event that I've been looking forward to, Chinese New Year has came and gone just like that and so normal programming resumes.
Before CNY, we had a stay over at Cheryl's. Although I was pretty much conked out by the time they started talking, I caught enough pieces of conversation that made me realised I'm actually quite lucky and fortunate and leading a good life after all. I've a target and a goal that I want to achieve. I in a way have a purpose in life (more about this later) and I guess whatever friendship, relationships, familyships that I have are pretty stable. And I've never done anything really bad in my life so far, makes we feel extremely blessed and thankful.

The only thing I'm worried about at this point of time is that I've no plan B. I don't know what to do if Berklee rejects me.

Anyway, about the purpose in life thing. That day when I was queuing up for Mee Poh in school, I was looking at the uncle, watching him take orders then preparing the noodles then it suddenly struck me that why was he doing what he was doing. What is his purpose here? To feed us? Then what was our purpose here? To learn? Then what was our purpose to learn? To earn money? Then what was the purpose of earning money? What is our purpose on Earth? Why are we placed at a specific place and this specific time? What happens beyond now? What does our future bring? Will one of us die tomorrow? WHY THE HECK ARE WE HERE? WHY ARE SOME ENTITIES HUMAN WHILE OTHERS ANIMALS? WHO ELSE IS OUT THERE? WHY? WHY? WHY?
So many questions, so little answers....

I'm not saying this because I'm frustrated with life or anything but really, what is our purpose here? What role do we play?

First three days of CNY was pretty much mundane. Went to Ahma's house everyday. Didn't even go visiting anywhere. Didn't gamble. No cards. NO mahjong. I guess Malaysians are not so addicted to the game than Singaporeans. Anyway, it was the perfect opportunity for me to really chill and relax and enjoy it all. So I was pretty much satisfied with it.

The afternoon of the third night met up with Wei Xiang and Jiun Farn and Edwin and etc. Then at night went to Cikgu Teo's place. Could tell that she was quite bored. Cos we kinda self invited ourselves to her house and it was only like a place for us to catch up and talk, leaving her out. But I tried keeping the conversation going with her. Catch up with some really old friends that I haven't seen in the 6 years I left CHP or in the 4 years since I came to Singapore. Couldn't remember some of their names. Anyway I had a great time.

After that had some nerve wrecking moments in a Kancil. I'm glad to say I survived the galloping-like-a-horse-car and the engine-mati-car 7 times. I'm still reluctant to believe that the driver didn't pay under counter money for the license. Amazing. Which makes me think, I CAN'T WAIT TO LEARN HOW TO DRIVE. Which leads me to think, Singapore kinda sien already. Having to put up with all the fakeness and unnaturalness is tiring. Its time for a return to the past. Sort of like neoclassicism. Malaysian friends are really different. I don't know how to explain but just different. Better....


Valentine's Day the girls were giving chocolates and cookies to everybody. I survived on chocolates and cookies that day. Feel a bit bad having not given anybody anything. But I gave Louise the cup from Malaysia and some more new year cookies. I guess she's quite satisfied. Haven't eaten the dark chocolates she given me yet. Got to wait for the correct mood.

Guitar Ensemble had our performance. My wonderful classmates failed to remember that I had a performance (as usual)(most Singaporeans always very last minute and don't bother to remember a lot of things)(not that Malaysians don't)(SOMEBODY CONVENIENTLY FORGOT TO PASS ME SAT NOTES) and didn't turn up. BUT never mind. Don't want to care too much about that. I performed Eric Clapton's Wonderful Tonight playing the lead guitar and Lifehouse's You and Me playing the shaker. Wonderful Tonight was okay. Considering the number of times I could have made a mistake but did not. At least I retained the same key despite some screw ups to my solo guitar improvisation. Phew..

And I witnessed some not so happy things happening on Valentine's Day. Oh well, harsh realities of life I guess. I wanted to eat the cookies though. But looking at the way he threw it in the bin, better not ask.

After school, I went jamming with my Music Fest band! Edward, Jansen, Wai Hong, Ian and me! First time jamming with such pro people. Within a few trieds our song Smooth by Rob Thomas and Carlos Santana was already quite good. Cool. I'm quite confident for this years Music Fest. Must win. Else throw face.

Cross country meet today. I was supposed to walk the whole way with the guys but lost them so I ran seriously but still finished 357 position. I felt that I ran with the same pace last year but I got 120++ last year. Which goes to show my very TERRIBLE fitness state. I keep telling myself I should train I should train but fail to do it. My long term plan since last year has already come and gone today and I've still achieved nothing. Anyway my long term plan was to consistently run 10km every week and then this year be the dark horse and trash the crossers or smth but I was far from it. More than 300 positions to be exact.

NAPFA's next week and I still can't do pull ups...
Went to eat with Roy today at Kim Moh at Laguna Park. Its famous for the beef noodles. It really is nice but super expensive. 9 bucks per small plate. Not even full.