Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Happy Birthday

I would like to wish Happy Birthday to that someone that is very very special in my head.
Thanks for everything all those years.
Even though I might not have openly talked about my love for you
I might not have told anybody I love you
You never complained,
never questioned.
From the bottom of my heart,
I would like to say





The 7 cries of Merdeka rang out across the festive atmosphere,
A new country was born,
A country free from the chains of out colonial masters that bounded us.
50th years and counting,

Emo Song No. 1

I started work on the composition of my first emo song. Coming out soon. Harmony is already completed. Refining the melody. Stay tuned.

Opus One

The concert review of Opus One is available at


The photos from Opus One is available at


So go check them out now

Sunday, August 26, 2007


Li Chuan Yun said:"Music makes me go mad." Before he played his encore piece during his concert today and he proceeded to play an insanely technical encore piece on the violin. His facial expression was like that of a mad man. He really look like he had been possessed. Like an insane mad man!!! When he finished, he was stamping his foot and punching his fist and chest. Really insane. I would give anything to be like him man. Imagine that, I would ACE my A Levels, Audrey would be speechless. Muahaha. Practise hard.

Later when I went to get his autograph. He just sat there, shaking his head, shaking his legs, a nonchalant expression on his face. When I told him he played very well, he just nodded his head at me. Really mad, really insane but I LIKE

Too bad Keely Wee lost in the finals to Shawn Tok. Hoped she enjoyed herself tremendously. I predicted correctly that a girl will never win these televoting competitions. Not in Singapore at least.
Firstly lets break the people who are going to sms in into groups. The teenagers will normally be split la. Keely will get some, Shawn will get some. But those more bimbo girls, or those in their early teens, who know little about singing will go for Shawn because he's cute. Those middle age or golden age auntie will surely go for Shawn because he is cuter too. The uncles most probably won't bother to vote. The odds are always against girls la. But at the same time I don't think Shawn's vocals are terribly bad. But on the whole everybody's vocals are not very good anyway compared to other countries. American Idol and America's Got Talent have got some pretty young and great vocalist. Maybe those with great vocals in Singapore are all banana and dunno how to sing chinese songs.

Whatever it is, congratulations to Shawn and Keely for their achievements.

Live long and prosper

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Moonlight memories

I was on my bed preparing to sleep when an old buddy msned me and sent me a letter from him.
Actually, firstly I'm really grateful that u bothered to visit this site and read my blog.
The letter brought this whole tide of mixed emotions back to me.
Transformed me back to CHMA 2006.
From the first jamming session playing Swing swing and Gui Ji with a tone-deaf vocalist
To the first jamming session playing accidentally in love with a proper vocalist
To taking the form from in front of the GO,
To being brave enough to appear at the CHMA auditions, facing Isthmus and Pan Island Jam amongst others.
People thought us crazy, people thought us weird, singing Chinese Pop Songs, some even laughed
It was a miracle we got in
CHMA 2006 was mind blowing for us, performing on stage, throwing the roses off stage after that.
The results turned me off in the end

Actually I'm one to believe that the most important is the experience I've gained from a particular competition. I think this is only self consolation when we have lost la. People always say the experience gained is the most important. But I think differently I guess, I feel is self consolation. Most pitiful.

After all these years u started emoing and brought back the past to me. I think I might have shed a tear or two. It really it very touching for me to be reminded how far we have came and how far we have conquered.

As for whatever band activities I'm doing now. Well, things are practically close to nothing. I've lost my keyboardist, guitarist, bassist, vocalist. The only guitarist I have now dislikes Chinese songs so I don't know why am I even wasting my time. I think I've kind of like threw my whole future to the music scene, to band and stuff. But I can't even find bandmates who are passionate about it. People who share the same passion, the same interest and the same chemistry as me. Its elusive. Thats why I say my future seems bleak. I don't even know wats going to happen. I hope this problem resolves itself quickly. Meanwhile, I'm just going to be a one man band. I dream of writing better and better music. The possibilities are there for me to grab and savor.

Here I come.

Thanks Zong Xing

You brought that fire back to me again. FIGHT ON!!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

I feel good

I also dunno why I few good. Screw AS man. She didn't allow me to go hear the talk. It could have been a life changing talk. It was Lee Wei Song mind you. If I'm going to jumpstart my career. He is the guy that I should listen to and follow.

I haven't been blogging for many days. Hostel internet sucks like shit. But thank god that my room is under the coverage of the Wireless@SG, the singapore government's plan for a huge wireless network covering the entire singapore. WOhoo.. Internet is like so fast and so smooth.

Opus 1 concert just ended on the Thursday. I'm still very angry and disappointed with myself for fluffing that entire phrase in the Dvorak which I had worked so hard on because the fingering and intonation is quite tricky there. Ended up I got so engrossed in my own world that I forgot where I was and totally screwed up that phrase. Haix. Yet another disappointment. I'll be back next year, with a better violin and a perfect performance. This I promise myself.

Darn I spent so much money on the new earphones yesterday because it had super noise cancelling technology which I think is going to be quite useless as the noise blocking technology of the in ear earphones are already quite good. No need to emit the negative frequencies to cancel out the sound somemore. It can be quite unnerving at times living in the totally silent world. Makes me kinda giddy after awhile.

I want to write a song about the world. Good luck to me.

Why do they keep trying to infuse those bad thoughts in my head. I'm already over it. Dumbs are really just nice to look at and nothing else. I dare say that I'm too smart for her. Please, I would like common sense in people. Stop trying to put that face in my thoughts 24 hours a day. JL understands. The lack of common sense makes me go ARGH...

Melody and harmony

There was once two good friends named melody and harmony. They couldn't live without each other. Melody was the popular one, the first to catch people's attention when she was beautiful. She was the loudest amongst all. Always the one that had the attention of the singers and the lead guitars. Harmony on the other hand lived in the shadows of melody. Never mind that she had more content and flesh. Melody knew that without harmony she wouldn't be where she was. To the average listener, nobody knew of harmony's existence. Harmony was confined to the bass guitar, the rhythm guitars and the keyboard chords.

Grey skies

Staring out of the window pane,
staring at the blue sea that's now grey,
at the ships that disappear into the distance,
the cars that zoom quickly by,
the sheets of rain falling from the sky,
not forgetting the green trees,
that are swaying hi,
life is just so wonderful.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Look for Beez

There is this guitar repair guy called Beez located in Roxy Square. He just came out to open his own shop like 3 days ago. Visited him today. Amazing guy. He not only repairs, he explains what he is doing. He even teaches people what to fix and how to fix. He gave me like a ton of guitar tips in the one hour I was there waiting for my guitar to be fixed.
The Ibanez action is now so much lower and its so much more playable. Beez ROCKS. He did so without even filing the guitar, only adjusted the truss rod. Wow. Incredible.
Beez is located at Roxy Square II, #01-125. Open Mondays-Sundays.

Tears in heaven




Saturday, August 4, 2007

Life Satisfaction

Ming Yao said that I'm always so unhappy with myself after performance because I'm always not satisfied with myself. He said I should be satisfied with myself so that I won't feel so unhappy always. The point is during today's performance, another one of those things happen again. Its like normal practising at home or with Mrs Soh won't have such thing, but when it comes to performance, things go back. No matter how perfect the piece is in the practise room, all those practices goes to waste if you can't reproduce them on stage. So how to expect me to be happy and satisfied with myself when I know I could have been better and in fact I've achieved better in the practise room.

Anyway, I took this Life Satisfaction Test at here just for fun. So the results were

Slightly satisfied

You have an average score. The average of life satisfaction in economically developed nations is in this range – the majority of people are generally satisfied, but have some areas where they very much would like some improvement. Some people score in this range because they are mostly satisfied with most areas of their lives but see the need for some improvement in each area. Other people score in this range because they are satisfied with most domains of their lives, but have one or two areas where they would like to see large improvements. Generally people who score in this range have areas of their lives that need improvement, but would usually like to move to a higher level by making some life changes.

I guess I'm quite average like most other people which isn't too bad a thing. Of course there are improvements in my life that I would like to make.

Sights and sounds

Check This OUT!!!

I found this Kay Poh Rd, near Great World City. Interesting rite. Maybe the people there are very nosy