Sunday, September 30, 2007


After much delays, I'm glad to say the song is finally completed. I must say that this song was sung by my vocalist with a sore throat and a flu so it wasn't well sung. A lot of falsetto had to be used to compensate. Anyway, my greatest apologies to Zong Xing and Jun Lam for the unsuccessful attempts at sending them the song. The truth was I fell asleep in front of my computer. For some funny reason, I'm not able to upload my song onto geocities for u guys to download so for now you will have to ask me for the file on MSN. Anyway if you guys know any better file hosting sites, please tell me. The song was submitted for Spop, which is the Channel U competition.

Saturday, September 22, 2007














Sunday, September 16, 2007


My apologies to those who were not able to download the song. The link should work now. Leave comments!!
Hi guys,
Due to some technical problem, I wasn't able to record my song in its full length. My Adobe Audition software expired on me so I had to use the Windows Recorder which limited me to 60 secs of recording. Anyway, listen to it and tell me what you think.
The verse is available here
The chorus of my new song available here

弹琴- 秋聪胜
歌手- 舟嫁维
曲- 蔡扬斌
词- 林明耀

Saturday, September 15, 2007

King of Pop

I've been watching some old videos of the Jackson 5 and I must say Michael Jackson is truly the King of Pop. I think those comments about him being a pedophile is very unfair to him. I think he is a very complex person so nobody can really judge him for who he really is. Appreciate him for his music and contributions, not skin color or anything else. Here are some videos, enjoy.

I'll be There. "If you should ever find someone new, I know he better be good to you, cause if he doesn't, I'll be there."
This phrase is just touching.

I want you back- Jackson 5
A young Michael Jackson is totally at ease at relaxed

ABC-Jackson 5
This is the absolutely best song. Yes, the tune is as simple as ABC, 123 and Do-Re-Mi. Simple as Do-Re-Mi, baby you and ME!! Disco at its height. Girls, trying singing this song. See if you can hit the notes.

Ben- Michael Jackson
And the answer to who Ben is..........
Michael Jackson's pet RAT. yes, pet RAT. Luckiest rat on earth.

Enjoy the videos. Till the next time.

You've got a friend in me :)

Friday, September 14, 2007

Gone Too Soon

This is a beautiful song by Michael Jackson.
I think everybody out there who has a heart should watch this video of Gone Too Soon by Michael Jackson.

He dedicated this very beautiful song to this guy called Ryan White. Ryan is the guy who is speaking at the beginning of the video. Listen very carefully to what Ryan says.

I think its amazing that people have dogs at home when dogs are so different. Its amazing that people are willing to accept dogs but are unable to accept people of another race, religion or having something inside them.

Ryan was diagnosed with a blood disease since birth and required constant blood transfusion. Unfortunately, he was diagnosed with AIDS which was transmitted through one of his blood transfusion session. Upon realising Ryan behing HIV positive. Parents and teachers immediately called for his expulsion from school for fearing that their children might be infected to despite doctors attempt to clarify that AIDS cannot transmit through physical contact. The school principal and board took in the story and expelled him, starting a court case by Ryan's parents that would last for 8 months. When Ryan was allowed back into school for a day, half of the school did not turn up. Later when he finally won the right to study for the long term, he was forced to use disposable cutlery and separate toilets and made few friends.

Ryan's championing of the AIDS cause caused him to become a national celebrity and making many celebrity friends with Elton John and Michael Jackson amongst many others. He was dubbed the first poster boy of AIDS. After his death in 1990, many people all over begun to realise the severity of this discrimination and moved to solve it. Numerous charity foundations were also set up in Ryan's honour.

Reagan said upon Ryan's death that "it is the disease that scares people, not the person who has the disease."

May it be disease, or race, or language, or religion. Discrimination should not occur at all. Every human being has the right to live freely.

This one is for Ryan White. 17 years after his death. God Bless.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Bring on the Russians

The Russians are coming to Wembley tonight.

Bring the fight to them England.

Russia's threat lies in their playmaker Andrei Arshavin who would most probably playing in the hole behind the strikers. Get Barry to shakle him and stop the supply to the strikers. Ferdinand will have to be focused for the entire match> Wright- Phillips and Joe Cole need to be at their tricky best. Play Heskey up front instead of Crouch. His partnership with Owen is the best. Bring Crouch on only maybe for the final 30 mins when Heskey ran out of steam last time out. His height will then be a threat to the tired defenders who will have to jump hard.
England should win and must win at all cost.
Its not going to be pretty.

Bring it on you Russian asses.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Remembering the day

September 11, 2001. That faithful day where the world watched in horror at the horrors that the terrorists created. Where the world watched in horror at the vulnerability of our own back yard.
6 years has past. The world has moved on. Its time the mourning stopped and the rebuilding started.
STOP the pointless war.
There is no sense of direction to it.
Stop harming innocent people.
Bush should go.
I believe in Fahrenheit 9/11
Corruption and greed should not be possessed by the most powerful man on earth
Go Obama.

Some people have unlimited joy and smiles during their birthdays. Peppered with loads of pictures and presents.
Some people have low key celebrations. A few words from the closest friends and family.
Some people its just another day and Happy Birthday to myself.

I guess life isn't all that fair but be happy knowing that it doesn't really matter how you celebrate, it was another great year gone. Be thankful and be happy. Many people are even struggling to stay alive not least celebrate birthdays every year.

Happy birthday to Shiane and Melodie amongst many others.

Screw the fucking terrorists.

May you be satisfied with fucking all the promised virgins in heaven now that you have sacrificed youself for it.


Monday, September 10, 2007

Bad Hair Day


Got caught for long hair my Mr. Bean's friend today.
Bloody idiot. First thing in the morning, first day in school start catching people already
Still use some Hokkien words, think I dunno.
I still can't get over it. My hair the back wasn't extreme like some people.
Bloody hell
Always bias towards girls
The girls dye hair and some even don't tie hair like nobody's business and nobody cares.


Anyway I decided to pamper and comfort myself and I went to have the most expensive haircut that I ever had in my life. A whooping 24 bucks at SuperCuts saloon. It was an interesting experience leading the high life though. And my hair isn't all that ugly either. Phew. They employed some rather interesting hair cutting techniques that I've never seen before. Quite cool.
But still 24 bucks is like RM 50++ and for that price I can have a total makeover in Muar already.

Bloody IDIOT.
Go watch your girls do push-ups la!!!

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Permanent scars

I scratched my beloved Ibanez.


Exams are coming.
Study hard.

My new song is almost ready.
Stay tuned

Friday, September 7, 2007

Botak Mugger

I was thinking and looking back at some old pictures when I came across one of me botak. I then realised that I never really told anybody the real reason why I went to slice my hair off and endure a few weeks of horrid stares in school. Well the thing was as I left on taxi from Thai Pan after lunch with Ye Zi to Cat High to collect my O Levels results, I was looking at the sky and I made a pact with God. God in general, not any specific God. It could be Buddha, Jesus, Allah, Vishnu etc...
I told God that if I managed to remain in VJ, I would go slice my head off. Its kind of funny to think of it now. Well, the rest is pretty much self explanatory.

I think the only way that I can mug is at night and my laptop is confiscated. Like awhile ago when Weei took used my laptop to watch movie and I couldn't use it so I sat down and read through 4 chapters of Physics in an hour and 20 minutes. Cool.

I've been downloading and watching quite a lot of movies nowadays. Dead of Alive is one of the crappiest movie that I've ever watched. Whats with the frequent camera panning and zooming in on cleavages and breasts. Fighting scenes are fake and stupid. RATED CRAP.
Fighting The Giants was an okay movie. Brought tears to my eyes and had my hair all standing up but I felt there was this over focus by the producers on spreading the Christian Gospel.
Secret is also an okay movie. The plot and twists are quite interesting if you haven't watched The Lake House before. But some of the dialogs make me go YUCKS. Its rather cheesy and.... dunno how to explain. I wished more of the unexplained loose ends were tied up though.

Guitar Fest at Far East tomorrow. Its 2 am and I'm still here blogging. I'm kinda glad that my new song is coming along fine.
Hope I won't suffer from jitters tomorrow. Wish me luck.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Rush Hour 4

Rushed from hostel to Cineleisure Orchard to The Cathay today trying to catch a movie to watch. And ended up not watching anything. Rushed from hostel to catch the ever elusive 36 bus to Orchard to watch Secret and guessed what when we arrived there. Secret was totally SOLD OUT, yes SOLD OUT. After being screened for almost a month I would never have expected this. Decided to watch it first thing tomorrow morning. DAMN, this movie better be good. We decided impulsively on the spot to watch RATA2E instead and rushed from Cineleisure to The Cathay only to find that the next 2 shows were also SOLD OUT. DAMN, that movie must be good.

And I ended up doing the most sinful thing ever which is to indulge in loads of food. Ate the XXL Crispy Chicken from Shilin, then when over to Starbucks where I sat down and drank free milk then went to the new donut shop at Orchard where I bought a glazed for myself. All these food after dinner at 6pm. Donut at 5pm. KFC at 3pm. Lunch at 1 pm. Cream puff at 12pm. Breakfast at 9am. Yes, I practically didn't do anything today except eat. The scales are already pointing way beyond the allowed limit. STOP!!

ASEAN DANCE 2007 is back again!!! YEAHHH!!!!

As if anyone is looking forward to it...
The Jar Jar Binks contingent has returned to Malaysia. Only the handful of us from the same hostel are around. What a bore... Did they ever spared a thought for the shy us who won't dare to ask for a dance? Nobody is interested.

Except perhaps the people from Down South..


Time wasters.....