Saturday, January 26, 2008

Holiday Pictures

Just some of the places I visited

This was the church in London where Caryn's congregation was held.

Climbing to the church dome in Florence

Manchester United's dressing room. Carlos Tevez's seat.

Christmas Dinner at Aunty Jenny's. Look at the food. On the left is Andrew, Alvin in the middle and me on the right.

On the top of the greatest church in the world. The St. Peter's Basilica in Vatican City.

At the tomb of Antonio Stradivarius in Piazza Roma, Cremona. Stradivarius is the greatest violin maker in the world.

On the rooftop of the Duomo, a cathedral in Milan

The Pursuit Of Happyness

Its amazing that I've abandoned this blog for more than a month. Well, worry not because I'm back!!!!
To continue where I left off, I traveled to Spain to escape the English winter and Spain was great. Went to Benidorm, Alicante, Valencia, Calpe and so many other villages. The weather was a good change from London's freezing cold.
Celebrated Christmas over at Aunty Jenny's. Food galore.
Then it was Boxing Day sales. Push and squeeze and jostle with the crowd at Oxford Street and Harrods. Pooh.
Lastly it was time to go home. Quite sad though I was looking forward to 2008.
Arrived Singapore 31st December. Didn't go out for countdown. Jet lagged for a few days. Some how managed to cramp whatever Chemistry stuff that I could and went for the R-Paper and I passed by a mark!!
So after orientation, normal school service resumed. Studies as usual. I'm putting more effort towards not sleeping and doing my tutorials nowadays. My class is getting slightly better. Due to my better timetable this year we are going out more. Unsuccesfully pranked the junior class. Had 2 class dinners with them already. My angel and mortal are fine. Though I had to write to my angel first. My mortal's erm.... okay la. No complains thanks to the alcohol chocolate.
Overall this year has been quite good so far. Laughing and being happy everyday in school. Though I'm quite worried with the CCA side of school. Quite screwed. I really want.. No I really must get into Berklee. I can't imagine anything else. MUST, MUST, MUST...

Then the big day came. 24 January. From here I would like to thank and give a big hug to everybody who remebered and wished. I was pleasantly surprised by some people who wished me though. It turned out to be a great birthday. At the stroke of midnight, the first person was Hong Jie, followed by Fanny (actually both same time) Thank you guyes.Then there wasn't anymore. So I went to sleep.
In the morning when I woke up there was Hong Hu, Aaron Tan, Cheryl Lim (with a birthday song sms) and the only Malaysian in Malaysia who remember Ho Li Ling. (and I'm not even super close to her!). These people all smsed in the middle of the night. Thank you very much.
After that, throughout the morning there was Mum and Dad, Sze Ching then Jieru. Then all the gang of guys (Shannon, Bernard, Aaron, See Ann, Xianyong) from S44 in school. Then the girls (Sheila, Huiting, Cheryl, Yufang etc.) Then Gomez. Then in the middle of lecture, Roy Foo and Chia Weei. Thank you guys. And girls. Then the very surprising Audrey Soh.
Then all the way from Malaysia by beloved senior Kham Ming Fatt and Phan Shei. Thanks guys.
Anyway, so the Singaporeans in classed bought a Sara Lee cake for me and stuck 18 Pocky sticks inside. Thank you so much for the effort. I really appreciate it. Oh and they gave me a VIOLIN!! Haha, just a toy Barbie PINK violin that plays funny songs like Odd to Joy.
Then we went to Cineleisure to watch 27 Dresses. It was quite a good movie. The girls were all in love with James Marsden (Cyclops) and his big smile. One of the few times a class outing so succesful thanks to everybody listening to the birthday boy's instruction to go watch movie. Haha. Then we ate at Long John's. Thanks also to Caryn Chua. Go sista.
6pm went off to meet up with the Malaysian Jar Jar Binks Brothers at Plaza Sing. Jun Lam, Mops, Chia Weei, Johnson, Alvin Chew, Andy, Roy, Hong Jie and Ming Yao. Oh ya, Jun Lam's Esther also wished me happy birthday so thank you very much Xiao Sao.LOL. Coincidentally 24th was the release of O level results. So Roy in good mood and treat me Ajisen. Yay. Thanks Roy. Anyway after that I treated them Earthquake at Swensens. Sastisfied to the max. At this point of time I was already very happy with my day.
On the bus home, Chia Weei show me a sms of Khoo Lin Wei wishing my happy birthday so thanks to her too. Rather unexpected. But more unexpected things were to come.
10.50pm I was already settling down for the day. Then beep beep, it was Melodie wishing me Happy Birthday, say what wanting to be the last. WTH. Then I went to ask CopyKate to wish me Happy Birthday. Haha. Then certainly unexpected, 11.25pm, handphone beep again. Nina wished me happy birthday. I was like wow, today not bad ah. Then the best thing and even more unexpected with 20 minutes to go. Handphone beep yet again. This time it was Jenny. I was quite shocked already. All the people actually bothered to remembered. Quite touched and happy. Thanks a lot to the last 4 girls.
Then got one very extra guy. 11.59pm sms wish me happy birthday. My girlfriend, Ho Jun Lam. Bloody idiot. 4 girls then suddenly 1 guy. Haha
Then possibly the best birthday of my life passed. Well I normally do nothing on my birthdays especially last time when I was in Malaysia so this was a big change and I was very touched by all the kind gestures and birthday wishes. Another big THANKS and HUGS to everybody. Even Gwen who wished me belatedly on the 25th.

So well, I'm 18 now. FINALLY. 18 is kinda like 16, when u actually gain access to something. Unlike 17 which is neither here nor there. 18 allows me to buy alcohol, cigarettes, go clubbing, go to pubs, watch M18 movies and... and.... LEGALLY. Haha. Though I doubt I will actually exercise my rights.
There you go. Time to wisen up. Time to slowly stop sitting around in circles playing games that I played when I was 10. Time to exercise authority, learn to say NO to people. Time to do something about my life if I want to get into my dream college and do my dream job and prove everybody wrong. Maybe time to indulge in some romance. Haha. We'll see how this year pans out for me.