Saturday, September 20, 2008




Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I can't get it out of my head

Big big thanks to meimei for drawing this for me. Haha... Oh and another big big thanks to Vui Yung for the Macs breakfast and accompanying me the whole morning.. Haha... (Sorry Mr X, borrow her for that morning) HAHAHAHA :P
Gosh, exciting times ahead... I'm rubbing my hands in glee and anticipation for Mr X.

Anyway, for some funny reason. These songs were replaying in my head over and over again the days I was in hospital.



Letting my thoughts be known through songs...

Weekend at the hospital

Well well well..
I'm back from the hospital after spending the weekend there.
It was rather exciting though. I guess it didn't really really that much on Friday until some idiot in the crowd mentioned something about amputation and that got me really scared. WALAO, I still want my toe!! No toe how to play soccer? Right toe some more. So I was like constantly wriggling my toe, make sure its still working.

Anyway, I learnt that the back of the ambulance actually has air con. Haha. Cos this cool wave of air hit me when they pushed me into ambulance.

Of course I would like to thank some people who showed so much care and concern over the period of time. So in no order of merit the Malaysian Scholars GANG, wah, ride bicycle to chase ambulance lah, argue with teacher about how to bandage me lah, telling me lame jokes lah, standing beside me and not making things any better la, you name it, they've done it. Haha. Thanks for making so much noise at the hospital and the Hokkien Mee though... Haha.. Though I had to chase this rowdy bunch of people away...
Of course to the hostel admin staff too. The teachers who came to visit me. The teachers who worried and fretted over me. The Mr Muscular dude. Haha. Aunty Linda and Aunty Stella too for all the concern and care and FOOD!!
To the brothers of Jar Jar Binks excluding LOW JI TENG...
To the mystery couple who visited me and gave me super sour green grapes (WHICH I FINISHED!!!) and red boxing gloves... ^_^ Haha...
To my family and last but not least the three guitar heros who came down to visit me despite their heavy mugging schedules. And Jenny, Geraldine who smsed. And Gomez and Bernard who also smsed.

Alive and kicking!!!