Sunday, August 31, 2008


Happy birthday Malaysia =)

Saturday, August 30, 2008


Haha, i'm like blogging from the hospital now. A lot of ppl should already know this but anyway i got impaled by a metal rod while playing at ecp on friday. I guess some photos are underway. I totally own the class guys who stapled their own ass. Haha. Take this guys.

Friday, August 29, 2008

The Shattering of Dreams

And of all times I had to go fuck up my music practical prelims. The end result was a walloping from a Simon Cowell like guy. His comments were much and long and the usual stuff about intonation and rhythm and pitch except in a more scathing. To sum up all his words, he basically said what I was playing didn't sounded like the violin, every single rhythm and tone basics was wrong and that if this was an audition to get into his school (he's the head of NAFA), he wouldn't even think about excepting me as a first year student.

Well, the most parts of his comments I could take it. The biggest blows to me were when he said "You don't practise your violin" and "If this was an audition for NAFA, I wouldn't even have accepted you"

Well, well, the harsh realities of life. I probably practised more than any of my classmates but the first comment I get was that I didn't practise enough. Well... nothing much I can say there.

The thing was I got back the actual score yesterday and no surprise I finally, somehow managed to fail music practical. A component which Mrs Soh said was impossible to fail. There, I've done it. FAILED THE BLOODY THING. Before all the other papers have even started, I've failed it. Anyway, the severity of this failure means I've to get full marks to scrap A for music which is near impossible. So that pretty much means the great Berklee dream has been shattered. Something that has been on my mind since 2 years ago is just... well.... gone..... I guess I'm still pretty calm about it. The seriousness of this matter hasn't really sunk in but when it does, tears will fall but well.... I guess I should have expected it sooner rather than later. Considering a career change now. I really don't know what I want to do. After 2 years with all my heart and soul set for music, this comes at a pretty bad time.

But.. haix... what can I do? Life goes on... I'll just take each day as it comes as my mei always tells me to do..

Monday, August 25, 2008

That's the final whistle Part III

So here I am in this foreign country and the year is 2005.

Room 3.2 had the best people as far as I could remember. The forever helpful and kind hearted Ming Fatt, quirky but fun Phan Shei and Hong Hu who is as ahu as always. And so first day at Catholic High, I was posted into 3-1. Realised Singaporeans have this weird habit of reciting the pledge every morning and they have to put their fists to their heart. Kinda superficial. In Catholic High, its the school pledge every morning too. Something about being gentlemanly etc etc. I realised school facilities in Cat High is absolutely awesome. High School could never compare to this. It would never have enough money to buy a saxophone or tuba or Da Gu or electone for its students. I'm amazing by all the infrastructure with the full field, 400m 6 lane track, basketball courts, school hall, band room, chinese orchestra room, dance room etc etc.

I was happy I was in 3-1 together with Hong Hu until I chose Music as my humanities and had to change to 3-5. I was initially very reluctant but it was a decision I never regretted. I remember suddenly opening the door to the music room on the first day of school and 21 pairs of eyes including the teacher's staring at me. The teaching immediately asked me, What are you doing here? I was like, erm... I want to take music. At that point of time, the music auditions had already passed and the 20 students were already selected, but Mrs Chaillan never gave up on me and took me in without any questions. So thus began my true introduction into the world of music as I found my first love.

I found the locals rather unreceptive to me. Refusing to talk to me when I called them and being unresponsive to me. But no matter caused I made friends with the Malaysian scholars in my class, Chia Weei, Chong Siang, Ming Yao and Moppeng. Later in the year, I started to know more Malaysian scholars in Cat High such as Jun Lam, Ming Jie, Ji Teng, Ze Yi, Johnson, Cheng Hung, Hong Liang as we soon formed the Brotherhood of Jar Jar Binks. A totally random name. Sec 3 passed quickly. I fondly recall the first English essay I wrote, I practically used up all my power and the essay came back with a fail. Totally shocking me. I remember the first Chemistry lesson, where the teacher started discussing the periodic table and all the bonds which I didn't understand a single word. I never even heard of a Periodic Table. During Maths lesson, I was totally confounded by the complexity of the algebra. During Physics, the formulas overwhelmed me. During music, I was like what's a concerto? Whats a symphony? What's a fugue? What the hell are you talking about? Who's Show Pan (which I later realised was Chopin) Who's Bach? (I always thought it was Batch). Basically, the first week of lessons left me extremely demoralised and totally at lost for words and overwhelmed by everything. I really was struggling. I was some smart scholar from Malaysian Independent Chinese School, I was some Malay school dude. But anyway, things naturally straightened out and soon I was on par with most of the locals anyway. As such, when I think back, I realised how far I've come and how much I've improved and this is where I get the inspiration from when I find myself in a similar situation in JC.

I was also exposed to this whole lot of violin music in Sec 3. Ming Yao showing all these insane violinist and he played all these insane pieces which left me totally demoralised and realizing how lousy and small fry I was and that all those years of violin lessons and left me now where. So it really was a whole new learning experience starting from Sec 3 and yes, I guess my violin playing has come a long way too.

I first walked into Esplanade Concert Hall in Sec 3 because Mrs Chaillan highly encouraged us to go for concerts. I remember it was Vladimir Feltsman playing Beethovan's Emperor's Concerto with Okko Kamu conducting. The first scene of walking into Esplanade made my hair stand. The bright stage and the rows and rows of seats. I achieved my dreams of performing there later in the year in the Catholic High Esplanade Concert.

I also joined the CO in Catholic High, being in the percussion section. And that was a whole new learning curve for me too. A different genre of music and a whole new instrument to start from scratch.

I also started doing crazy things such as this one weekend where Hong Hu and Phan Shei and I decided to go to Escape Theme Park to explore and play. I begun doing a lot of urban walking. Walking all over Singapore and exploring different places.

Everything passed in a blur and I found myself in Sec 4 soon. We of course moved to Dunman Hostel and the hostel's mistake of placing all sec 4 Malaysian scholars on the same level was our gain. It was the craziest year every as all our mischief combined equaled total chaos. We went out to eat every now and day. Played basketball or soccer everyday. Even the day before prelims and O Levels when all the Singaporeans were mugging, we were playing soccer and we didn't do that badly either. I remember the durian sawing sessions and most importantly the mass cooking session. I always contributed the bowl because I had the biggest bowl and we would like cook 3 packets of noodles which would be whalloped in minutes. We had luncheon meat and fishball and fishcakes and peanuts and meat and otah and all sort of other rubbish all in the middle of the night with school the next day.

We also had insane buffet sessions. I swear any shop we targeted for buffet made a loss on that day. It was like hungry prisoners being realised into food haven. We went and whalloped the whole shop upside down.

Sec 4 was also when I had some personal moments and proved the saying that having it means you will get distracted and not do well for exams WRONG. It is on the contrary actually.

I wanted to post more about JC1 and JC2 but realised that JC life hasn't ended yet and I might end up creating some uncomfortable moments by revealing all my feelings so I will just put that thought on hold until November 26.

Meanwhile, this two videos are dedicated to all my friends. Thank you very very much for everything and if I ever get into SDD, I'm definitely going to perform one of these songs.

Cheers to life and enjoy the following songs. That's What Friends Are For and Thank God I Found You.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

That's the final whistle Part II

Well, to continue from yesterday..... warning about some explicit content though....

So here I am, in Form 1 now. Form 1 is the same as Secondary 1 in Singapore. Successfully got into High School Muar. Totally new school, totally new environment though many of my primary school classmates went to the same school too. Anyway, High School was a Malay school so everything from the teachers' conversations with us to teaching medium was in Malay.

Anyway, during the end of year holidays after primary 6, I kinda played too much computers. Sat in front of the computer every single day from morning till night. So, I noticed things started becoming blur and my eyes were watering all the time so that was when I had to wear spectacles. My aunt also recommended me to this new hair saloon and thus gone was my coconut hair and a new spiky hair emerged.

And so with a partial makeover and with Dad's advice from Primary 2, I entered High School Muar. First time seeing so many Malay people. There were students from the other primary schools. High School Muar was Dad's school so I guess he had a certain sense of pride too. I remember the discipline master Cikgu Zainal. He would walk around with his super huge cane everyday. And YES, unlike Singapore, students get whacked by the cane for all the smallest matter from talking in class, talking during assembly, to bringing handphones to school and even for bringing liquid paper to school. It it was public caning btw. In front of the class or during assembly, on the hands or on the ass.

Being in a Malay school also led to things disappearing extremely easily. My pencil case got stolen twice just because during recess I left it on my table and did not put it in my bag. All my pens and pencils GONE!! But I had many Malay friends. I remember this Mohammad Amin who sat beside me who stole my Kemahiran Hidup electronic project and I investigated and I found out!! What an idiot and bastard for stealing my project.

Anyway, I remember Form 1 vividly as the year I finally found out what sex was. It was a funny story really. During Sejarah (History) lesson, we were learning about Islamic traditions and one of them was the Majilis Berkhatam (Circumcision). And so I begun asking my friends why do you need to chop of the skin from your dick. I remember asking Mohammad Amin and Wan Ahmad about it. Then they said so you more POWER LA. Then I was like huh? Why you need your dick to be power? Then they said you need to reproduce next time what. I was like huh? What has dick got to do with reproducing. (Yeah, that was how naive I was) So Wan Ahmad when, HAIX, apabila awak buat, awak ambil itu lelaki punya jibai, cucuk dalam itu perempuan punya jibai. And I was like totally shocked? Really? That was how people reproduce? That was what's called sex? Anyway, so that was like the initiation rite for me.

I was a total nerd and geek in secondary school. Kinda like reading books all the time and sometimes hacking people's computer by embedding keyloggers in people's computer. Form 1 was 1 Intelek, Form 2 was 2 Pintar. Lower secondary was in the afternoon session which meant I could wake up late. Form3 was in 3 Pintar. Took my ASEAN Scholarships test in form 3. I remember how badly I screwed up the paper. I also remember during the test how this girl tried this pick up line on me but being the Girlss EE Yucks person I was, I didn't exactly respond how she wanted it. It was during lunch break that she came up to me while I was reading Lord of The Rings, then she said, excuse me, are you Jason. I turned around, saw this total stranger, quite pretty actually, but I didn't even smile and said, ERM... NO! then turn back and read my LOTR.

Took my PMR national exams in Form 3 too. Results were not that impressive until the week or two before the exams when I realised hey the paper is damn easy. Everything is MCQ. Even Maths, History, Geography was in MCQ. So I took the past year paper and just do them. Then suddenly became very enpowered. During the exams, most of the questions repeated then at the end of it all I was feeling rather confident about it all.

Anyway talking about girls, Form 3 was also when I started knowing some girls of my age from Science tuition. I knew Ting Xin and a few of her close friends. Of course la, at that immature age, I guess everybody did some stupid things with regards to the opposite sex. Anyway, I got my first handphone in the end of Form 2 when we went holidaying in Bangkok. But it was more like a housephone because I couldn't bring it to school anyway.

A short while after PMR, the letter from Singapore MOE came saying that I've made it through the interviews and I should get ready to come to Singapore and I was elated!! Partly because I was pretty tired of Malaysian education and wanted to try out some new stuff in a totally new country. I remember dreaming about this very explicit scene about myself when I had came to Singapore which till this day has not happen! Haha.

So, with school leaving settled, I came to Singapore. Posted to Raffles Institution Boarding and it was there that I learnt that I was posted to Cat High instead of RI. Something which I was kinda sad of but later realised it was the best choice being at Cat High instead of RI.

I remember the first night when I wanted to message so somebody back in Malaysia but realised the international rates were so freaking expensive. Then I started missing home a bit then became a lot. But thankfully there were great friends from room 3.2 such as Ming Fatt and Hong Hu and everything was soon forgotten.

Two days after moving in, my friends in Malaysia smsed and said PMR results are out!! How did you do? I was like WTF, my Dad didn't call me. So I had to call home, ask him to help me go take my results. And a few hours later the dreaded call came.. 7As. YES, straight As!!! WOW, sigh of relief.

And so that was another 3 years of my education. We are now standing at December 2004. I remember clearly the day I came to Singapore, December 26, the tsunami struck.

Anyway, I shall leave my life story just here. Be back for more tomorrow where I will talk about the final 4 years leading up to JC2.

Cheers to life

That's the final whistle Part 1

So here I am just getting ready to go to sleep and checking up some blogs then I saw Ian's blog and realised, alamak, although I'm not the mushy mushy kind of person like I'm, still must write something about him la.

So to Ian, haha, well what can I say man. Its been one heck of a time and one heck of an experience. And erm.. well, you get me... Thank you very much.

Anyway, was feeling all sentimental and emotional on Friday because it was the last day of school and I woke up that morning, feeling all that emotions and memories.

I can still remember vividly the memories 12 years back, a little boy wearing dark blue shorts and white shoes walking in to primary 1M of Chung Hwa Presbyterian School. Feeling slightly nervous, don't know how to speak and read and write a lot of Chinese. My parents were standing outside, settling all the admin matters and paying money and buying books. But through all that I put on a brave face and found a seat in class beside a boy called Lok Kah Beng. Yes! I absolutely remember his name. Lost contact with him since primary 2 though. After that during recess, Dad brought me to the canteen and bought me a packet of Vico chocolate drink, then he brought me to the toilet to show me where the toilet was. After that went back to class and met Xiuling and her Mum. And her mum said something stupid about the both of us to my parents and that stupid comment has stuck me with for the rest of my life. And then it was about 9am then Mum said Dad had to go to work and there were going to leave. Yes, I was slightly scared and nervous but still put on a brave face. The rest of the day passed in a blur.

Primary 1 passed quickly. I remember getting caned by mum for getting 98 for my Chinese. Because I made a careless mistake and connected the lines to the pictures wrongly and got deducted two marks for that. Because of that, I didn't win first prize for that year. Lost to Xiuling and got second prize. Weilun was third. I remember the day I came to school during the school holidays to collect the prize. Drawing teacher's twin daughters got some top student award on that day. I recall vividly.

Primary 2 I was in 2K, I remember the first day of school. Dad was in the car telling me. Well, 1 year older now. I hope you are 1 year wiser and with that piece of advice, I got down the car and started primary 2 life. My classroom was upstairs on the second floor and I was feeling proud about it. I remember I wasn't very very early for school that day so there wasn't enough tables and chairs for everybody so I had to wait and stand at the back of the class while the teacher went to look for tables and chairs. The guy standing beside me was Yam Herring Ping (his name is spelled that way). Lost touch with him after that year. Anyway he was rather friendly and we chatted a bit. And with that, Primary 2 passed with a blur though there was this incident of me acting hero and climbing onto the school roof to help me friend retrieve his pencil which he had dropped earlier in the day.

Primary 3 I was in 3K. Best form teacher I every had. Madam Kong. Remember driving her red van to school. She was the one that taught us with so much dedication and helping us get through our PTS exams. I was recommended by her for the prefectorial post. 3K was famous as the class that had 50 pupils squeeze into it. So a prefect I became. And I would have to miss recess to go guard the queues. And I had the resposibility of delievering test papers to the venues. When teachers were having meeting I had to go guard the classes. (Now that I think of it, its kinda stupid). Anyway, it was great fun. When I didn't feel like going for classes. I would purposely walk in a zig zag manner across school. Primary 3 was also when Miss Kam, the English HOD begun to take notice of my English skills. And as a result, I ended up on the school's English quiz team as the youngest member. And we were the champions of the Muar division. Took my PTS exams at the end of the year. And my GOD we did a heck of a job. Almost 90% passing the exam. So we all skipped a year to Primary 5.

Primary 5 I was in 5K and was special because classrooms were at the topmost floor which used to the the school hall. But due to space constrains, they put of partitions in the long hall and turned it into a few classrooms. Mr Yap was my form teacher. This was the first year I wasn't in the top class because they assumed PTS students were not as bright so they put us together with some zapalang students but these zapalang people were great fun. I remember this tall girl who was from some Malaysian youth badminton team and most importantly I remember Lau Weng Keong. The guy who taught me all the nonsense and kinda shaped me into the person I am today. All those diry stuff. I learnt it all from sitting beside him.. Gosh... And I was selected to represent the school in the English essay writing competition and was champion of Muar division. I was also a member of the English choral speaking team and we made it to the state level before losing to Convent Johor Bahru. But those times travelling out of town with friends to compete were fun. Chances were few and far between.

Primary 6 I was restored back to the top class, 6M. So my classes in primary school was M,K,K,K,M. Got head got tail. Anyway all the brightest were in one class. And I was somehow elected to be chairman of the English society although I've never attended a single meeting. My essays appeared in the school's English magazine publication the Beacon. And when I met Miss Kam over the holidays, she said students nowadays continue to read my essays and photocopy my textbooks. Haha. Sort of like an inspirational figure. But having mentioned that, my Chinese was totally crap. I was still speaking like an angmoh. Anyway, I barely won the English essay competition because I made the mistake of calling the dog He instead of It. Got deducted a whole chunk or marks but still scrapped a first place. Got selected by the teacher to take part in some music competition. It was quite a joke. There was a singer, a keyboardist and Lisa and me playing the violin. We had to play some national patriotic songs. It was a joke because I remember looking at Lisa's score and a lot of notes in her part were too low for the violin but she was somehow faking through. And when we went for competition, a lot of Malay school sent totally music noobs there and they had numbers drawn onto the keyboard keys and they owned us with rock songs and all that crap. I was a nice experience though. I remember momentarily having an infatuation for the singer although she was a year older than me. I was also like a small team leader in the prefectorial board. Kinda like the second in hierachy. I still have my primary 6 photo hidden somewhere. I'll post it after the A levels when I'm even more sentimental. With that I graduated from Primary school. Although we performed very very badly for our primary school leaving UPSR exams, I'm still glad we've been there and seen it all. I didn't get straight A's for that exams. Instead getting 6As and 1 C. C for chinese essay. After appeal for rechecking it was changed to a B but that doesn't mean much anyway.

In primary school, girls were still kinda la aliens from the opposite side. Like EEEeee, yucks kind of people. Haha..

Anyway, its getting late. I shall name this part 1 of school life. The first 5 years out of 12 years. I shall continue with the story tomorrow.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Unglam moments

A little while ago I thought about this very funny thing.
I figured out that everybody would look their most unglam best when they are sitting on a toilet bowl shitting.

Now imagine this hottest and cutest hunk or chick that you've ever seen sitting on a toilet bowl, face screwed up, KEK SAI. The air is all smelly. Imagine like Paris Hilton KEK SAI on toilet bowl.
Imagine Brad Pitt KEK SAI on toilet bowl.
Its just hilarious. Seems that even the best looking people have their ugly and unglam moments too. Now when you are in school or in the bus, imagine that person next to you in all his unglam glory.

Woohoo. Cheers to life.

Lol. Random....

Songs of the 90s

Switched on my computer today to finish up the first draft of my free composition.
Well, life has been going on for me. Nothing much as been happening.
Lee Chong Wei lost to Lin Dan but still, I'm very proud of the silver medal.

Decided to hark back to the music of the 90s today. Some absolutely beautiful music. Music that I grew up with. The boy bands. When we didn't even have youtube or P2P software to listen to this music so everyday we would pray by the radio hoping that they would play our favourite songs. And of course, once every few months, Malaysian TV would air the MTV and that would be a bonus.

But if you've never listened to any of the videos I've posted. I guess you should listen to this next one. It pretty much sums up everything we love about music.

Let The Music Heal Your Soul by Bravo All Stars. A tribute song by a lot of the top American boy bands at that time. Watch out for the young Aaron Carter and Justine Timberlake.

Love me for a reason by Boyzone.
Yes, within couples. We should love each other for a reason and not for fun.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Still Goes On

Read this quote from Evonne's blog by Robert Frost

"I can sum up everything I've learnt about in life into three words,

Life Goes On"

Well, yes!! Life indeed goes on. Here I am sitting in front of my computer. Prelims barely a week away. Still struggling with my violin pieces. Haven't had a single practice with my pianist because I hate to admit that I haven't finish learning my pieces yet!!

But life goes on...

And stupid stuff that happened over the National Day weekend. Stupid things that I did and regret doing

But life goes on...

How I told myself I am going to own prelims

But life goes on...

How in today's Math's test the fucking question turn out to be a two tailed test. Means the sign from > becomes not= and because of one fucking sign change the whole question goes from full marks to ZERO!! KOSONG!! LING DAN!!! ELEK!!!
Fucking maths.

But life goes on...

Understand nothing in music class, and the teacher also doesn't seem to understand anything...

But life goes on...

How I'm so happy that I passed a Chem test for the first time in my JC life but everybody else passed too and are like so many marks ahead of me.

But life goes on...

Yea. Life goes on. I choose what I want to do with it. Like what Terry Winchester said.

Life goes on....

Of Pigs and Olympics

Michael Phelps has been as amazing as always.

Now I wonder if you have heard of LEE CHONG WEI?
He's carrying Malaysia's only medal hope and he just won't his badminton semis and is going to the finals where he will most likely face Lin Dan. So,so,so,so proud being a Malaysian. We are finally getting a medal after Muar boy Yap Kim Hock last got one in 1996. And hey, a true, blue, born and bred Malaysian Penangnite is getting a medal. Not some imported foreign talent. Go Lee Chong Wei, just one more step now to the Gold medal.

This is a drawing of my MONSTER PIG!!! Felt that the whole world should get the opportunity to admire my art works.

Monday, August 11, 2008


Discovered this pretty little acoustic song by Mayday.
People say its their best song from their first album, which was like what? 10 years ago.
Something Mr. WU will enjoy I guess.
This one's for you and all the people who love pretty little acoustic songs.

爱情的模样- 五月天

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Howdy from Haha Land

Yo folks, is back after some technical mishaps that happened over the day.

Yeah so I hope the new abangchua would be more concise and controlled. I will try to type shorter posts. More pictures. Lesser updates. More user friendly and most importantly less personal.


So, I talked about writing a new song quite some time ago and I'm glad to say I finally have lyrics to match my melody.

There's isn't a title for the song yet so lets just call it ABC at this point of time. A tribute to the SFY.

This song is a duet. The melody shot into my mind when I was revising maths the day before maths CT2.












There you go. ABC.

I'm quite excited over it actually. First time writing a duet and I feel this isn't one of those crappy songs that normally is a result of amateur songwriters anymore.

So here's a big CHEERS to ABC.

Stay tuned to this space for the recording.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Something about blogs

You know there is this very weird thing about reading strangers blog.

I've been reading the blog of this VJ girl for over a year now. Chanced upon it one fine day last year.
She is the good friend of one of the girl that I secretly liked last year so I was hoping that by reading her good friend's blog I get to see her photos and what did she did over the weekend and stuff like that. Pretty stupid of me.

Anyway the point is, reading a total stranger's blog has given me this insightful knowledge of this person's emotions and feelings and thoughts. I practically would know what she did last Sunday and how did her overseas trip went. What they did during the trip for example and even the emotions felt during her overseas trip.

I even know who her best friends are. Who she frequently hangs out with. What tuition she has. What subjects she failed.

I feel like I know so much about this person. But the strangest thing happens when I walk past her.
That's pretty frequent cos the both of us have hangout places close to each other whether it is in the canteen during breaks or on Wednesday afternoon.
When I walk past her, there is simply no exchange of emotions. These two people are after all strangers. No smile, no wave, no nods. Just another person walking past.
But yet, unknowingly to the other, one person just knows so much about her...

That's the weird feeling you get when you read stranger's blog and meet them out of the virtual world.

I thought this was something interesting worth mentioning. Don't know if any of you have had this strange feeling before.

The Chase

Chasing those dreams....

Chasing those grades....

Chasing those certs...

Chasing those friends....

Chasing those loved ones....

Chasing those monies....

Chasing those time....

Chasing those memories....

Chasing the light....

Chasing cars....

Chasing reality....

Chasing fantasies....

Chasing happiness....

Chasing my perfect melody....




Saturday, August 2, 2008

Opus 2

Woohoo, Opus 2 ended like 4 hours ago and I'm so high that I can't fall asleep just yet.
I would say that Opus 2 was my best violin performance so far.
Yes, I was nervous, yes, my bow was trembling, yes my legs were also trembling especially for the Wieniawsky. But I'm incredibly satisfied with it.
As Havas said, no matter how much praise or critique is lavish upon a performance, the only person who can truly be satisfied with his performance is himself.
Opus 2 was one of them. People mentioned my trembling bow, but to me, it was one of my best ever efforts in front of a crowd.
I didn't make disastrous errors. I memorized the score for my first piece. I was satisfied with intonation and technical aspects. The fast Czardas, the double stops in the Romance, all just went perfectly for me. So YAY. Cheers to myself and to all those people who sent me good luck messages.
Biggest thanks goes to Patrick. Of all the people I massed smsed, he was the only one that turned up for my recital, that purposely stay back in school for hours, missed dinner and came to my recital alone.
To think that some people refused to come for my concert cos nobody was coming with them. Patrick is one heck of a good friend. :D
Of course not leaving out the Malaysian gang. Thanks guys. But you all stay in hostel la, different.