Saturday, December 15, 2007


I realised that many of my old friends especially those from Muar. The first thing that they like to ask me, after they have found my Friendster or Facebook or blog or some other place is HI, ANDREW, DO YOU STILL REMEMBER ME?
Come on guys, if you can remember that my name is Andrew, I most definitely will know who you are save for a select few from primary 6 where we didn't have much communication and I really can't remember. I mean am I such a bad friend that I'll go around forgetting people's name. I won't forget my friends' name, definitely not Muarians. Despite so many of my friends giving themselves new names after I left I still know them, people like Hong Cheng is now known as Vincent, Chang Geng is like Gabriel Koh now, Ting Xin is like KopiKate, Huiyi is Katie but I still recognise their faces anywhere. So next time we happen to chance across each other, ask me how I am instead of do you still remember me cause the answer will be of course I do. Now you know.

Anyway, I'm still in London as of now. I just came back from Manchester. When around there. A few museums and of course Old Trafford. Took a tour. Sat on the very seat Ferguson sits in. Sat on Giggs, Scholes, Nani, Ronaldo, Tevez, Van der Sar's seats in the locker room. Incidentally the seat between Ronaldo and Nani belonged to Cantona before. I found out that the people there regard AIG the shirt sponsor of Man Utd to be Alex Is God. That's the gist of it.

A week before of course I was touring Italy. Landed in Milan, saw the huge Duomo Cathedral, took a train to Cremona to look for violins, didn't like any and didn't buy any, went to Florence. Saw more cathedrals and statues, Pisa, to see the leaning tower of Pisa of course, Venice, see the canals and stuff and finally down to Rome to visit the Vatican and various other churches. I'm not an arts buff like H2 so after awhile things get boring seeing painting after paintings, statues after statues and climbing churches after churches. I guess I climbed over a thousand steps in Italy. I saw Michaelangelo at the Sistine Chapel though. Well not him but his paintings. Really well done but i feel the whole Vatican thing is overly commercialised. Tickets are expensive and there are guards and barriers and modern technology everywhere. Lacks that feel. Maybe I should have travelled with an arts buff who would have been able to explained more. How about a trip there after our A's eh H2?

I've got a new violin. The physical look of it wasn't exactly what I had in mind but the sound is something I like. I'm not sure if its the Evah Pirazzi that causing it but I hope its not. I must put my heart into violin playing now. Really.

GTG. Bye

Friday, November 23, 2007


The latest collaboration between Ming Yao and I brings to you 夜里的奇想

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


I realized I've seldom ever posted photos in my blog so here goes.

Thats me acting cool and pretending to me a Mat Rocker with shades and all. But I really can play the guitar. Anyway as you can see, my guitar is in a poor poor condition so top of my Christmas wish list or Birthday wish list is a electric guitar. Second hand also nevermind. A Fender Stratocaster or a Gibson Les Paul Standard. I'll leave it to you. (Gee, I hope somebody rich does read this post. Like IAN or PYKA.

And thats like part of my class. The small girl behind with the funny look is Audrey, Jieru is beside her. See Ann is the guy right at the back, Shannon is beside me with his hands around me, and the one is yellow is me! Darn, anybody know how to photoshop my zits away?

Lyrics requested by N!ck

教室里的桌椅 模糊

唯有在我视野里 清楚

点燃我所有的 希望

除了她就没其他 欲望

忘记了 是什么理由

我开始 选择了放弃

在她世界里 我已找不到真理

开始到现在 我只是一直等待

相信她 渐渐离开我 会心伤

木鱼它 默默对我说 别受伤

挥别了 总有她陪伴 的心房

还是没办法 失眠了几个晚上

教室里的桌椅 模糊

唯有在我视野里 清楚

点燃我所有的 希望

除了她就没其他 欲望

忘记了 是什么理由

我开始 选择了放弃

在她世界里 我已找不到真理

开始到现在 我只是一直等待

相信她 渐渐离开我 会心伤

木鱼它 默默对我说 别受伤

挥别了 总有她陪伴 的心房

还是没办法 失眠了几个晚上

一个人走 思念在路的最后

不会停留 期待美丽的邂逅

教室里的桌椅 模糊

唯有在我视野里 清楚

点燃我所有的 希望

除了她就没其他 欲望


Copyright 2007 Lau Hong Hu & Andrew Chua

Saturday, November 17, 2007

New Songs

Home is a really good place for me to work. I came up with 2 songs in 24 hours.

The first is called 还
Lyrics written by the amazing Lau Hong Hu in 30 minutes.
I immediately set a melody to the song after he sent the lyrics to me but when came home I had another idea of using this motif that I had came up with some time ago. Its basically do, mi, ti so 4 notes. Yeah so here it is. Enjoy it.

还 by Lau Hong Hu and Andrew Chua

The second song is called 杰伦的风格
Lyrics was co-written by Jingxuan and her unnamed friend.
They actually wrote it based on Hei Se Mao Yi's melody but I didn't know about it previously.
I originally tot of a rap but I realised that my budget set up cannot get the proper rap effects like the hip hop beats and turntable scratch.
So i came up with this. I added in quite some lyrics on my own. Those lyrics talking about the different Jay Chou songs were written and crapped out by me.
The lyrics in all is quite crappy. Only a Jay Chou fanatic can write this. Its not suitable for a guy to sing it too. Sounds damn gay. So here it is. Enjoy :)

杰伦的风格 by Yang Jingxuan, Unknown and Andrew Chua

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Dream dream dream

Okay before I go off to sleep, I must report that most unusually I've been having dreams for the past 2 nights. I don't normally have them.
Anyway first night, I dreamt I was having dinner or something around a round table like those at a chinese restaurant with music people. I remember Audrey was there. I also remember MT was there. I dunno where were Chang, Teo and Ong. Anyway, we were chatting happily. Audrey wasn't always in the picture. MT was always in the picture. I was chatting happily to MT. I dunno what were we chatting about. She was smiling, I was happy and POOH I woke up.
The second night I dreamt I was listening to this conductor talk on the podium and I was sitting beside him. In front of us was an student orchestra. We were in some kind of practise room in some school. Anyway he finished his lecture and told me to come up and conduct. I remember saying I've never conducted before. Anyway we got started and apparently one of the flautist couldn't understand my hand gestures and came up and ask me what was I pointing with my baton hand. Apparently I was doing up and down motion only. I counted 1,2,3,4 for him and he could understand. After that I started doing the standard down, cross, up motion instead and the conductor started saying very good. I was doing well. I remember closing my eyes and raising my hands up high when this very warm and soulful strings section came in and they were playing very well. The conductor then stopped me. Apparently the end of the movement had an attacca with a sustained oboe note bringing in the next movement. This reminds me of Mendelssohn Violin Concerto but there wasn't any soloist so this couldn't have been Mendy's Violin Concerto. The conductor praised me. WAHAHA.
Ming Yao said TS is leaving. Maybe i'm the next conductor. WAHAHA.
Okay of to sleep now. Guitar practise tomorrow.
DS is quite mad. Online 24/7. Edwin doesn't even do that.

1000th visitor. ARE YOU??

Hey take a look at the counter up there? Are u visitor number 1000? As I'm typing this post now its 999. I won't be counted if I visit my own blog because i configured the cookie already.
If you are visitor number 1000, drop a comment or put in the tag board who are you. I'm really curious. Haha
Finally after so long, my dead blog has finally reach 1000 visitors. Nothing to be proud of but quite an achievement for my blog considering its less than 10 visitors a day statistics.

I'm packing to go home now. Darn heavy boxes and loads of rubbish.

Anyway, I heard of this amazing story from Jingxuan today and then I realised I've been missing a lot of things that have been happening in class. Nobody seems to tell me. Anyway, I got the first person account of it so nvm. The story is quite sad. After hearing it, I realised its a miracle my PW Project was completed. It really is a miracle with so many things happening behind my back. I would like to thank them for putting their differences aside and working together for this project. Thank you guys so much.
I do hope that the grief can be translated into lyrics. Haha. Exploiting people again.

Anyway, I found another great lyricist again tonight. Its Mr. WOO SEE ANN. DARN he is AMAZING with his language. His first ever lyrics was not about the cliche love. It was about he issues with life. Damn nice. Damn pro. Anyway Jingxuan sent me her 2 set of lyrics. About JAY CHOU. HAHA. Refreshing ideas. Its good really. I'm going to make a rap song out of it.
The 3 sets of lyrics I received today are going to challenge my songwriting skills. It really is a big step up. It longer puts me in the comfort zone of piano and vocal love songs. These are going to need the electric guitars, the basses, maybe even special vocal effects, rap, turn tables. WOW.
I'm going to get started ASAP.


Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Jeng jeng jeng

Had guitar practice again this morning and the Mambo No.5 piece is going along nicely. Gaspar surprised us all by asking us to play Polka and Comme. The Polka was okay but the Comme was already a nightmare from last time with all the lines but thankfully I must say that my guitar note recognizing skills have improved and I was able to read the lines and match it with the frets correctly. I do hope my section gets it alright so that I won't always be playing solo and can pon guitar prac once in awhile without the conductor calling and asking me to come to school.
In anyways, Ian and I went to Ebenex. It was my second visit there but my first with a good look around and they really sell all kinds of guitar pedals. Gosh. These are the times when I just wished I was super rich, okay not necessary super rich but sufficiently rich to buy some pedals back. There was a Epiphone Electric Guitar hanging there with sunburst finish that looked quite nice. As to whether its tonally attractive I don't know.
Later on, under Ian's suggestion I went to town to watch a movie. Two movies in fact. I caught Bee Movie and after that spontaneously decided to watch Stardust. Bee Movie is quite a nice movie and so is Stardust. So I was quite satisfied with the money spent on movies today.
Today's dinner in the hostel was quite good actually. I suddenly decided to smile at the canteen lady and said 'xie xie' to her and she amazingly returned my smile. Normally she's quite sour faced and when I was reaching out to get a bowl of soup she stopped me and when and scooped another hot bowl of soup for me. The soup laid out there were already cold. I guess a friendly smile and a word of thank does do wonders.
Came back to my room and started checking out some cliffs of dover videos. Saw the one by fengheng and also eric johnson himself. These guys are just amazing man. Someday, in the near future I'm going to be there. I place my trust in Raphael. But I was thinking I need a better guitar haha. So went to see the PSR site and the Gibson sites. WAH, the guitars damn shiok but no money lah. How to spurge few k on a guitar when I'm so new to it. Even the guitars on soft also in the high hundreds!! ARGH. Some rich guy please read this blog and buy one for my birthday.
I practised the guitar for like almost 2 hours. Doing the drills. I'm staring to like doing bending a lot. Such a interesting technique. I'm so looking forward to guitar lessons. Meanwhile, no news yet from Hai Won. Haix.
I started my lyrics collection project again. Approached Jingxuan for help this time. Apparently she has 2 completed lyrics in her possession that she wrote together with her friend based on a tune Jay Chou song but of ALL things her computer cannot type CHINESE!!! FREAK. OF ALL PROBLEMS.
Meanwhile I approached Hong Hu too and amazingly like 30 mins later he came back to me with a fresh piece of lyrics. That guys is so efficient and doesn't have like emo periods to write lyrics. He's like this lyrics churning machine. WAH, hidden talent. I'm going to exploit it now. I'm going to take a look at his lyrics now. Its his first time writing one so... 'clap hands'
So long.

I love the way she pouts

Saturday, November 10, 2007


The following comic strips are not suitable for people who have a strong affinity for their God. Please leave immediately if you are not able to accept various religious critics. BE ADVISED. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. Open it in a new window so its bigger.

I don't really understand the submarine one so maybe somebody could explain it to me :)
I STRICTLY DO NOT WANT any comments criticizing my actions for putting up the above material. Thanks.

Cope them for DS's blog :)



I must say that I haven't updated in a long time, not since promos ended with a few random post, two to be exact in between then and now. But I'm not saying this is an update. I come to realised that I don't have much to say anyway. I prefer to keep my feelings pent up and don't see the need to tell people and well hardly anybody reads this nowadays.
I haven't been doing much since the end of promos. PW was going according to schedule and I must say that I'm actually neutral about PW despite some of the 4am sessions I had with Bernard and public holidays sessions and some hair pulling moments. Its really good for what I call relationship bonding. Because of all that we've been through, I feel closer to Bernard now. In the past I only knew him as a quiet, emo, cool dude in the corner. Besides that I think I feel closer to the girls now. I can talk more smoothly with jingxuan and cheryl, no problem. Talking more frequently with jingxuan now. I must say that I was quite wrong to make false assumptions about her unwillingness to participate in PW. Admist all her protests and complains, she still got her job done. Just like any other kid that needs a bit of toughness and pushing. Thank God I stalled on reporting her to Miss Ng on her slackness halfway through.
The end of promos also meant more class outings for us. Although its still not at a optimum and frequent level, at least it is a beginning. I've stayed at bernard's house twice, gomez once and jingxuan once. We watched movies, we cycled, we played Winning Eleven, we watched soccer matches, we drank vodka cocktail, we ate prata, vomit fish and fries and airport food, sent fanny off at the airport and had FIFA lan gaming sessions. It was all quite good. A huge change from the beginning and mid year.
The cycle of PW ended with our OP because Miss Ng already got us to hand up and complete our I&R and GPF before OP on the last day which was very very very good indeed. OP was quite fun. All the different jokes and expression we went through. I was thinking of new jokes every practise session just to keep people engaged but unfortunately not all of them worked.
I decided on impulse to start electric lead guitar lessons and I managed to get this very cheap and good and young teacher called Raphael who looks a lot like Wang Lee Hom. His guitar playing is very good, teaching more so. I'm learning a lot and being exposed to a lot. He gave me a list of songs to experiment with so I guess that's very good for my music education too. Learning new techniques and terms like palm mute and hammer-ons and pull-offs, humbucker pick-ups, single-coil pickups, tube amps, whammy-bar. So thats pretty great.
I'm hoping I can put all this skills to good use. I'm back to writing music again and thats great. Currently I'm not working on anything solid. Just experimenting around with different chord progressions and melodic development stuff. Working on lyrics writing too. Rhymes, chinese, english all that stuff. I look out of my window every night and feel that there is so many things I can write by just looking out of the windows but the ideas just don't materialize. I'm going to lug all my recording equipment back to Muar, well actually its not much, just my laptop, my headphones and a computer mic. Thanks how unprofessional I am.
Planning to write a song for S44 because they have been all smiles and great. Hui Ting is going to help me out with lyrics. Planning to write a song for a friend too. Dunno if it will work out because my lyrics ultimately become very cheesy.
Talking about friend, Sharon suddenly told me the other day that I better don't be mean to her or she will spill my secret. I was like WTH?? What secret do I have? And she didn't want to further explain. Haix, girls nowadays...
Jay Chou's new album, On The Run is actually quite a good production upon a few hearings. I must say a huge improvement on Still Fantasy. Comparable to November's Chopin and Jasmine Orange. Some of the material inside are actually very fresh. A few were tunes from the movie Secret which wasn't too bad. Just takes some getting used to as string ensemble pieces are now being sung. The Wild Wild West theme was quite refreshing too but I wondered if there were other ways the melody could have been written without changing the harmony instead of just being copied wholesale from western tunes.
I completed Need For Speed Carbon for the second time. It wasn't too difficult.
I must announce that my violin skills, having been neglected since promos are now at a all time low. Not that it was any higher before that anyway. Simple tone and semi-tones intervals are no longer in tune. I think my fingers are getting used to guitar frets now. I must admit I love the guitar a tad more. Still getting used to Eric Johnson, Malmsteen and Santana instead of Gil Shaham and Itzhak Perlman but I'll get there. Maybe I'll be famous for my enormous versatility in handling diverse music. MUAHAHA
I think I'm over practising my music instruments. My right thumb and index fingers have blisters on them due to over enthusiastic guitar ensemble practise sessions in school these 2 days.
I injured my left little finger. I think I accidentally cracked them on something or I over practise my siren drill on the guitar so they are hurting a lot and can hardly bent now and couple that with my double jointed problem I have a big problem.
Phew that was a long post wasn't it. Well just to announce my travel schedule for the next couple of weeks.
I'll be leaving Singapore for Muar for my long term holidays on the 15th of November so Muarians please lay out the red carpet. Hahaha
I'll be leaving Muar for Singapore on the 24th of November. The day my parents are flying. So Singaporeans please lay out the red carpet for me. Thanks.
I'll be leaving Singapore for London on the 26th of November. Close to midnight. S44 u guys coming to see me off? I do really hope to see you guys there one last time for the year.
Once in London I'll be doing a whole host of traveling and visiting different places thanks to RyanAir's cheap airfares.
I'll be back in Singapore on the 31st of December. Yes New Year's Eve. Jajabinks we should meet up as is customary to us.
So now u guys know when I'll be where so please call me out as I'm so BORED at home doing nothing.
I guess I'll be studying R papers if things continue this way.
So long for now.
Everybody have a nice holiday. :)
Ohh, I've got a new music teacher. Darren Sim from YJC band. I would rate him okay so far.

They say its obvious. But in what way?

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Musical Tears

I was testing out Jay Chou's new album. Seeing what new ideas he had came up with. There is this song 蒲公英的约定 if i'm not mistaken. I know the chorus is taken from the movie 不能说的秘密 but he added lyrics to it. Something about the chorus, the 7 notes, invoke some kind of memory in me. I don't know what izzit but its definitely not the lyrics. I can't understand the words he is singing but something about this melody overwhelms me. I think I'm getting more emotional but tears actually fell. I squeezed them back of course but this is something special. The melody is actually derived from Rachmaninov's Symphony No.3 I think its the 3rd movement or 2nd movement. I was actually writing a song that had a similar motif but seeing he has already done it, I'm going to change plans. But these 7 notes are just amazing. What happened? I don't know. I can't figure out what is the memory exactly.

Maybe its the rain brushing across my face
The sound of water pattering outside
The cars zooming pass on the highway
Street lights illuminating the rain drops
Leave rustling
Piano in my ears
What am I trying to tell me???

Saturday, October 27, 2007


Welcome to my blog. Enjoy reading it.

Bored. I need the beach, soccer, cycling, food, anything.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Life's Good

I woke up this morning at 11.44 with Jun Lam's call waking me up. The first thing I thought when I saw the clock was, Oh SHIT, 11.44, I should have woke up earlier to study. STUDY for promos. SHIT SHIT SHIT. Then suddenly I realised, PROMOS ARE OVER. I tell you what. That is the greatest feeling on earth. WOOOHOOO. Ate lunch at MP then went to town to watch Ratatouile and it was absolutely a good show. I would have preferred the more action packed Cars but this Rat show was good too. The plot was good. The animation was good. Later at night Johnson brought was to Simpang Bedok for Malay food and the Roti John was nice. The nasi goreng not too bad either and I drank Milo Godzilla for the first time. A huge cup of milo with milo powder and a scoop of vanila ice- cream. Nice and fat.

I came across this blog of a young Singaporean girl today. Here is something interesting that I notice in her blog. I shall not name who is the blogger but here is the interesting thing.

Style comes with things she loves;

My Mp3
My blog :D
My Billabong pencil case
My gorgeous new handbag! Wheeeeee...
My study Bible
Being culturelicious
Milky Bar :D

I was wondering actually why did this girl list God and her church group Culture before Family and Friends. Okay, I know a lot of people are going to disagree with me here but why choose to love something that is a figure of your imagination, that you can't physically touch and feel ( I know a lot more people are going to disagree) more than your family especially. Real people that can wipe your tears when you cry or crack a joke and make you smile. Even the church group was rated higher than family and friends. Okay maybe the people in church group are better than your friends but FAMILY? I roughly know about this girl's family, after all one of her sibling is my friend and through her blog and I know her family is pretty stable and not those abusive kind.
This kind of left a question mark in me. Why is God higher in her love list than family? Or maybe I'm just seeing too much into this and she didn't rate them according to who she loved more.
Does this say something about society?
I dunno.
Tell me what you think.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007



Yay, finally finished my promos with the end of music practical today!!!

One song that got me through promos was this

This song is absolutely superb.

The lyrics are as below,





Absolutely amazing stuff. This song got me through my promos. Motivated me when I was down. Yes that's the power of music.

Sunday, September 30, 2007


After much delays, I'm glad to say the song is finally completed. I must say that this song was sung by my vocalist with a sore throat and a flu so it wasn't well sung. A lot of falsetto had to be used to compensate. Anyway, my greatest apologies to Zong Xing and Jun Lam for the unsuccessful attempts at sending them the song. The truth was I fell asleep in front of my computer. For some funny reason, I'm not able to upload my song onto geocities for u guys to download so for now you will have to ask me for the file on MSN. Anyway if you guys know any better file hosting sites, please tell me. The song was submitted for Spop, which is the Channel U competition.

Saturday, September 22, 2007














Sunday, September 16, 2007


My apologies to those who were not able to download the song. The link should work now. Leave comments!!
Hi guys,
Due to some technical problem, I wasn't able to record my song in its full length. My Adobe Audition software expired on me so I had to use the Windows Recorder which limited me to 60 secs of recording. Anyway, listen to it and tell me what you think.
The verse is available here
The chorus of my new song available here

弹琴- 秋聪胜
歌手- 舟嫁维
曲- 蔡扬斌
词- 林明耀

Saturday, September 15, 2007

King of Pop

I've been watching some old videos of the Jackson 5 and I must say Michael Jackson is truly the King of Pop. I think those comments about him being a pedophile is very unfair to him. I think he is a very complex person so nobody can really judge him for who he really is. Appreciate him for his music and contributions, not skin color or anything else. Here are some videos, enjoy.

I'll be There. "If you should ever find someone new, I know he better be good to you, cause if he doesn't, I'll be there."
This phrase is just touching.

I want you back- Jackson 5
A young Michael Jackson is totally at ease at relaxed

ABC-Jackson 5
This is the absolutely best song. Yes, the tune is as simple as ABC, 123 and Do-Re-Mi. Simple as Do-Re-Mi, baby you and ME!! Disco at its height. Girls, trying singing this song. See if you can hit the notes.

Ben- Michael Jackson
And the answer to who Ben is..........
Michael Jackson's pet RAT. yes, pet RAT. Luckiest rat on earth.

Enjoy the videos. Till the next time.

You've got a friend in me :)

Friday, September 14, 2007

Gone Too Soon

This is a beautiful song by Michael Jackson.
I think everybody out there who has a heart should watch this video of Gone Too Soon by Michael Jackson.

He dedicated this very beautiful song to this guy called Ryan White. Ryan is the guy who is speaking at the beginning of the video. Listen very carefully to what Ryan says.

I think its amazing that people have dogs at home when dogs are so different. Its amazing that people are willing to accept dogs but are unable to accept people of another race, religion or having something inside them.

Ryan was diagnosed with a blood disease since birth and required constant blood transfusion. Unfortunately, he was diagnosed with AIDS which was transmitted through one of his blood transfusion session. Upon realising Ryan behing HIV positive. Parents and teachers immediately called for his expulsion from school for fearing that their children might be infected to despite doctors attempt to clarify that AIDS cannot transmit through physical contact. The school principal and board took in the story and expelled him, starting a court case by Ryan's parents that would last for 8 months. When Ryan was allowed back into school for a day, half of the school did not turn up. Later when he finally won the right to study for the long term, he was forced to use disposable cutlery and separate toilets and made few friends.

Ryan's championing of the AIDS cause caused him to become a national celebrity and making many celebrity friends with Elton John and Michael Jackson amongst many others. He was dubbed the first poster boy of AIDS. After his death in 1990, many people all over begun to realise the severity of this discrimination and moved to solve it. Numerous charity foundations were also set up in Ryan's honour.

Reagan said upon Ryan's death that "it is the disease that scares people, not the person who has the disease."

May it be disease, or race, or language, or religion. Discrimination should not occur at all. Every human being has the right to live freely.

This one is for Ryan White. 17 years after his death. God Bless.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Bring on the Russians

The Russians are coming to Wembley tonight.

Bring the fight to them England.

Russia's threat lies in their playmaker Andrei Arshavin who would most probably playing in the hole behind the strikers. Get Barry to shakle him and stop the supply to the strikers. Ferdinand will have to be focused for the entire match> Wright- Phillips and Joe Cole need to be at their tricky best. Play Heskey up front instead of Crouch. His partnership with Owen is the best. Bring Crouch on only maybe for the final 30 mins when Heskey ran out of steam last time out. His height will then be a threat to the tired defenders who will have to jump hard.
England should win and must win at all cost.
Its not going to be pretty.

Bring it on you Russian asses.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Remembering the day

September 11, 2001. That faithful day where the world watched in horror at the horrors that the terrorists created. Where the world watched in horror at the vulnerability of our own back yard.
6 years has past. The world has moved on. Its time the mourning stopped and the rebuilding started.
STOP the pointless war.
There is no sense of direction to it.
Stop harming innocent people.
Bush should go.
I believe in Fahrenheit 9/11
Corruption and greed should not be possessed by the most powerful man on earth
Go Obama.

Some people have unlimited joy and smiles during their birthdays. Peppered with loads of pictures and presents.
Some people have low key celebrations. A few words from the closest friends and family.
Some people its just another day and Happy Birthday to myself.

I guess life isn't all that fair but be happy knowing that it doesn't really matter how you celebrate, it was another great year gone. Be thankful and be happy. Many people are even struggling to stay alive not least celebrate birthdays every year.

Happy birthday to Shiane and Melodie amongst many others.

Screw the fucking terrorists.

May you be satisfied with fucking all the promised virgins in heaven now that you have sacrificed youself for it.


Monday, September 10, 2007

Bad Hair Day


Got caught for long hair my Mr. Bean's friend today.
Bloody idiot. First thing in the morning, first day in school start catching people already
Still use some Hokkien words, think I dunno.
I still can't get over it. My hair the back wasn't extreme like some people.
Bloody hell
Always bias towards girls
The girls dye hair and some even don't tie hair like nobody's business and nobody cares.


Anyway I decided to pamper and comfort myself and I went to have the most expensive haircut that I ever had in my life. A whooping 24 bucks at SuperCuts saloon. It was an interesting experience leading the high life though. And my hair isn't all that ugly either. Phew. They employed some rather interesting hair cutting techniques that I've never seen before. Quite cool.
But still 24 bucks is like RM 50++ and for that price I can have a total makeover in Muar already.

Bloody IDIOT.
Go watch your girls do push-ups la!!!

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Permanent scars

I scratched my beloved Ibanez.


Exams are coming.
Study hard.

My new song is almost ready.
Stay tuned

Friday, September 7, 2007

Botak Mugger

I was thinking and looking back at some old pictures when I came across one of me botak. I then realised that I never really told anybody the real reason why I went to slice my hair off and endure a few weeks of horrid stares in school. Well the thing was as I left on taxi from Thai Pan after lunch with Ye Zi to Cat High to collect my O Levels results, I was looking at the sky and I made a pact with God. God in general, not any specific God. It could be Buddha, Jesus, Allah, Vishnu etc...
I told God that if I managed to remain in VJ, I would go slice my head off. Its kind of funny to think of it now. Well, the rest is pretty much self explanatory.

I think the only way that I can mug is at night and my laptop is confiscated. Like awhile ago when Weei took used my laptop to watch movie and I couldn't use it so I sat down and read through 4 chapters of Physics in an hour and 20 minutes. Cool.

I've been downloading and watching quite a lot of movies nowadays. Dead of Alive is one of the crappiest movie that I've ever watched. Whats with the frequent camera panning and zooming in on cleavages and breasts. Fighting scenes are fake and stupid. RATED CRAP.
Fighting The Giants was an okay movie. Brought tears to my eyes and had my hair all standing up but I felt there was this over focus by the producers on spreading the Christian Gospel.
Secret is also an okay movie. The plot and twists are quite interesting if you haven't watched The Lake House before. But some of the dialogs make me go YUCKS. Its rather cheesy and.... dunno how to explain. I wished more of the unexplained loose ends were tied up though.

Guitar Fest at Far East tomorrow. Its 2 am and I'm still here blogging. I'm kinda glad that my new song is coming along fine.
Hope I won't suffer from jitters tomorrow. Wish me luck.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Rush Hour 4

Rushed from hostel to Cineleisure Orchard to The Cathay today trying to catch a movie to watch. And ended up not watching anything. Rushed from hostel to catch the ever elusive 36 bus to Orchard to watch Secret and guessed what when we arrived there. Secret was totally SOLD OUT, yes SOLD OUT. After being screened for almost a month I would never have expected this. Decided to watch it first thing tomorrow morning. DAMN, this movie better be good. We decided impulsively on the spot to watch RATA2E instead and rushed from Cineleisure to The Cathay only to find that the next 2 shows were also SOLD OUT. DAMN, that movie must be good.

And I ended up doing the most sinful thing ever which is to indulge in loads of food. Ate the XXL Crispy Chicken from Shilin, then when over to Starbucks where I sat down and drank free milk then went to the new donut shop at Orchard where I bought a glazed for myself. All these food after dinner at 6pm. Donut at 5pm. KFC at 3pm. Lunch at 1 pm. Cream puff at 12pm. Breakfast at 9am. Yes, I practically didn't do anything today except eat. The scales are already pointing way beyond the allowed limit. STOP!!

ASEAN DANCE 2007 is back again!!! YEAHHH!!!!

As if anyone is looking forward to it...
The Jar Jar Binks contingent has returned to Malaysia. Only the handful of us from the same hostel are around. What a bore... Did they ever spared a thought for the shy us who won't dare to ask for a dance? Nobody is interested.

Except perhaps the people from Down South..


Time wasters.....

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Happy Birthday

I would like to wish Happy Birthday to that someone that is very very special in my head.
Thanks for everything all those years.
Even though I might not have openly talked about my love for you
I might not have told anybody I love you
You never complained,
never questioned.
From the bottom of my heart,
I would like to say





The 7 cries of Merdeka rang out across the festive atmosphere,
A new country was born,
A country free from the chains of out colonial masters that bounded us.
50th years and counting,

Emo Song No. 1

I started work on the composition of my first emo song. Coming out soon. Harmony is already completed. Refining the melody. Stay tuned.

Opus One

The concert review of Opus One is available at


The photos from Opus One is available at


So go check them out now

Sunday, August 26, 2007


Li Chuan Yun said:"Music makes me go mad." Before he played his encore piece during his concert today and he proceeded to play an insanely technical encore piece on the violin. His facial expression was like that of a mad man. He really look like he had been possessed. Like an insane mad man!!! When he finished, he was stamping his foot and punching his fist and chest. Really insane. I would give anything to be like him man. Imagine that, I would ACE my A Levels, Audrey would be speechless. Muahaha. Practise hard.

Later when I went to get his autograph. He just sat there, shaking his head, shaking his legs, a nonchalant expression on his face. When I told him he played very well, he just nodded his head at me. Really mad, really insane but I LIKE

Too bad Keely Wee lost in the finals to Shawn Tok. Hoped she enjoyed herself tremendously. I predicted correctly that a girl will never win these televoting competitions. Not in Singapore at least.
Firstly lets break the people who are going to sms in into groups. The teenagers will normally be split la. Keely will get some, Shawn will get some. But those more bimbo girls, or those in their early teens, who know little about singing will go for Shawn because he's cute. Those middle age or golden age auntie will surely go for Shawn because he is cuter too. The uncles most probably won't bother to vote. The odds are always against girls la. But at the same time I don't think Shawn's vocals are terribly bad. But on the whole everybody's vocals are not very good anyway compared to other countries. American Idol and America's Got Talent have got some pretty young and great vocalist. Maybe those with great vocals in Singapore are all banana and dunno how to sing chinese songs.

Whatever it is, congratulations to Shawn and Keely for their achievements.

Live long and prosper

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Moonlight memories

I was on my bed preparing to sleep when an old buddy msned me and sent me a letter from him.
Actually, firstly I'm really grateful that u bothered to visit this site and read my blog.
The letter brought this whole tide of mixed emotions back to me.
Transformed me back to CHMA 2006.
From the first jamming session playing Swing swing and Gui Ji with a tone-deaf vocalist
To the first jamming session playing accidentally in love with a proper vocalist
To taking the form from in front of the GO,
To being brave enough to appear at the CHMA auditions, facing Isthmus and Pan Island Jam amongst others.
People thought us crazy, people thought us weird, singing Chinese Pop Songs, some even laughed
It was a miracle we got in
CHMA 2006 was mind blowing for us, performing on stage, throwing the roses off stage after that.
The results turned me off in the end

Actually I'm one to believe that the most important is the experience I've gained from a particular competition. I think this is only self consolation when we have lost la. People always say the experience gained is the most important. But I think differently I guess, I feel is self consolation. Most pitiful.

After all these years u started emoing and brought back the past to me. I think I might have shed a tear or two. It really it very touching for me to be reminded how far we have came and how far we have conquered.

As for whatever band activities I'm doing now. Well, things are practically close to nothing. I've lost my keyboardist, guitarist, bassist, vocalist. The only guitarist I have now dislikes Chinese songs so I don't know why am I even wasting my time. I think I've kind of like threw my whole future to the music scene, to band and stuff. But I can't even find bandmates who are passionate about it. People who share the same passion, the same interest and the same chemistry as me. Its elusive. Thats why I say my future seems bleak. I don't even know wats going to happen. I hope this problem resolves itself quickly. Meanwhile, I'm just going to be a one man band. I dream of writing better and better music. The possibilities are there for me to grab and savor.

Here I come.

Thanks Zong Xing

You brought that fire back to me again. FIGHT ON!!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

I feel good

I also dunno why I few good. Screw AS man. She didn't allow me to go hear the talk. It could have been a life changing talk. It was Lee Wei Song mind you. If I'm going to jumpstart my career. He is the guy that I should listen to and follow.

I haven't been blogging for many days. Hostel internet sucks like shit. But thank god that my room is under the coverage of the Wireless@SG, the singapore government's plan for a huge wireless network covering the entire singapore. WOhoo.. Internet is like so fast and so smooth.

Opus 1 concert just ended on the Thursday. I'm still very angry and disappointed with myself for fluffing that entire phrase in the Dvorak which I had worked so hard on because the fingering and intonation is quite tricky there. Ended up I got so engrossed in my own world that I forgot where I was and totally screwed up that phrase. Haix. Yet another disappointment. I'll be back next year, with a better violin and a perfect performance. This I promise myself.

Darn I spent so much money on the new earphones yesterday because it had super noise cancelling technology which I think is going to be quite useless as the noise blocking technology of the in ear earphones are already quite good. No need to emit the negative frequencies to cancel out the sound somemore. It can be quite unnerving at times living in the totally silent world. Makes me kinda giddy after awhile.

I want to write a song about the world. Good luck to me.

Why do they keep trying to infuse those bad thoughts in my head. I'm already over it. Dumbs are really just nice to look at and nothing else. I dare say that I'm too smart for her. Please, I would like common sense in people. Stop trying to put that face in my thoughts 24 hours a day. JL understands. The lack of common sense makes me go ARGH...

Melody and harmony

There was once two good friends named melody and harmony. They couldn't live without each other. Melody was the popular one, the first to catch people's attention when she was beautiful. She was the loudest amongst all. Always the one that had the attention of the singers and the lead guitars. Harmony on the other hand lived in the shadows of melody. Never mind that she had more content and flesh. Melody knew that without harmony she wouldn't be where she was. To the average listener, nobody knew of harmony's existence. Harmony was confined to the bass guitar, the rhythm guitars and the keyboard chords.

Grey skies

Staring out of the window pane,
staring at the blue sea that's now grey,
at the ships that disappear into the distance,
the cars that zoom quickly by,
the sheets of rain falling from the sky,
not forgetting the green trees,
that are swaying hi,
life is just so wonderful.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Look for Beez

There is this guitar repair guy called Beez located in Roxy Square. He just came out to open his own shop like 3 days ago. Visited him today. Amazing guy. He not only repairs, he explains what he is doing. He even teaches people what to fix and how to fix. He gave me like a ton of guitar tips in the one hour I was there waiting for my guitar to be fixed.
The Ibanez action is now so much lower and its so much more playable. Beez ROCKS. He did so without even filing the guitar, only adjusted the truss rod. Wow. Incredible.
Beez is located at Roxy Square II, #01-125. Open Mondays-Sundays.

Tears in heaven




Saturday, August 4, 2007

Life Satisfaction

Ming Yao said that I'm always so unhappy with myself after performance because I'm always not satisfied with myself. He said I should be satisfied with myself so that I won't feel so unhappy always. The point is during today's performance, another one of those things happen again. Its like normal practising at home or with Mrs Soh won't have such thing, but when it comes to performance, things go back. No matter how perfect the piece is in the practise room, all those practices goes to waste if you can't reproduce them on stage. So how to expect me to be happy and satisfied with myself when I know I could have been better and in fact I've achieved better in the practise room.

Anyway, I took this Life Satisfaction Test at here just for fun. So the results were

Slightly satisfied

You have an average score. The average of life satisfaction in economically developed nations is in this range – the majority of people are generally satisfied, but have some areas where they very much would like some improvement. Some people score in this range because they are mostly satisfied with most areas of their lives but see the need for some improvement in each area. Other people score in this range because they are satisfied with most domains of their lives, but have one or two areas where they would like to see large improvements. Generally people who score in this range have areas of their lives that need improvement, but would usually like to move to a higher level by making some life changes.

I guess I'm quite average like most other people which isn't too bad a thing. Of course there are improvements in my life that I would like to make.

Sights and sounds

Check This OUT!!!

I found this Kay Poh Rd, near Great World City. Interesting rite. Maybe the people there are very nosy

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Where it all begun

3 years ago,
January 2005 to be exact,
One boy bang into Catholic High School's Music Room,
Mrs Chaillan was addressing a class of 20 in its first lesson of 2005.
Who are you? She asked the boy,
"Erm, I'm taking music"
Auditions were already over,
Students were already rejected,
the 20 students were already selected.
This one teacher never gave up on anyone,
"Come in a find a seat", she said.
This boy had only a grade 6 violin cert and grade 5 theory cert to show her.
But she still never gave up on anyone.
This boy didn't know who was Bach,
or that Chopin was "Showpan" not "Chop pin",
or what a concerto, symphony or sonata meant.
She still never gave up,
nevermind that her class had now an odd number of 21 students.
A1 for his O Level Music and top in the cohort for music in VJ now,
Not a bad price not pay for having faith in your students and not giving up on them isn't it?
See teachers, don't ever write off any of your students,
Give them the faith and confidence to show themselves, to prove themselves,


P.S. I never meant to show off my achievements


Minister of Manpower Dr Ng said today that upon visiting the many different schools, he realised that each school had its own identity that was unique to it.
Comparing Cat High to VJ,
the speech Mrs Chaillan made during the CH Young Performers Show today, she said the school always believed in giving the boys a chance to showcase themselves, especially in the arts. Thats why Cat High has all these arts programmes, Band Concert, CO Concert and not forgetting the CH Young Performers Show and CHMA of course. VJ has these kind of concerts and programmes too but everything VJ does is so big and grand, guest of honour and stuff, none of the close and intimate concert.
In VJ, competition is so stiff that a lot of times only the very best get the chance. Of course, one might say that competition will make you work towards being better and improving ourselves but a lot of times its not that the weak don't try hard enough but the strong have a earlier head start etc. Cat High is also good in the sense that it puts appropriate emphasize on the arts, with the groups getting proper practise rooms or places to practise with decent instruments.
In VJ, although they do give money and small rooms to the arts, but it seems that nobody seems really enthusiastic about it. I feel like when people see you as belonging to some arts group, they kind of associate you with the weak or soft, unless you are from choir.When people watch the string ensemble play or the Chinese Orchestra percussion section play, or piano ensemble they laugh and talk. Sometimes I wonder whether the ticket is bought for the sake of supporting their friends or they are really interested in watching it.
It's in the mindset of the people, the culture of the people to turn to sport, to support sport, to think of the sports as something cool, something in. People oogle at the people wearing the Adidas sweaters and windbreaker. Who cares if you are carrying a cello case in your hand.
I feel the arts shouldn't be oppressed.
Catholic High School, for all that it has given us, we must learn to love it, not criticise the management and flowers in the school.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Arrow through

Somebody told me this today


It hit me straight to the heart. The furthest distance is when she's in front of you but she doesn't know you love her...

Its still impossible

Saturday, July 21, 2007

English tutor, Englishmen and a game invented by the English

Some pictures from the last match at Kallang.

The cauldron lights up for the last time

Brotherhood of JJB

Team Australia

Malaysia vs Singapore

Part of the Brotherhood of JJB

Beautiful skies

Shouting and bickering and...betting? is part of the Beautiful Game


Why wasn't the ad that an English tutor put up to attract students to join her class successful??

Because the ad was in English...

Hahaha... That joke was invented by myself. Funny rite.

Ok nvm..


There was a letter that a Australian guy wrote in to the Straits Times today commenting how efficiently the services in Singapore were and how his son got immediate treatment when he fell and injured himself at the Singapore Science Centre. That got me thinking. Was the services all that good? Were the people really so polite and so quick to take action? Was it because of his ethnicity?
It just so happen that today is Racial Harmony Day but I can't help mentioning this topic. It is not the first time that I've seen bias treatments towards the Mat Salleh in Singapore. Its so very obvious when a Mat Salleh enters the shop and a local enters the same shop the difference in the level of politeness and patience that the shopkeeper offers. One obvious prove is from Auntie Cecilia, a Malaysian Chinese who married a Mat Salleh. She has told me countless stories of how hotels, shops, etc greeted her husband but somehow managed to not see her walking beside him. How people gave him first class service but third class for her. My parents always told me, especially Dad that the Mat Salleh are not all that good as they seem. Too many a times have I seen in Sim Lim Square of somewhere else a Mat Salleh strutting and fretting himself/herself in a shop. He dares to shout and threaten the shopkeepers. Mrs Soh also once say stop worshipping the Mat Salleh, they are not God. I guess when you have been in their country for sometime u will realise that they are not all that good. When I went to Cambodia and Nepal, it is so common to see street beggers hounding the Mat Sallehs begging them for money because they assume that they are richer and superior and would be more kind to give them some money. Seldom will they approach a Chinese in the presence of a Mat Salleh. But in the end who is the one that shrugs them off like pesty flies and who are the ones that will dig into their pocket for spare change? Over in SIA a few years ago on the flight to Canada, the bloody air stewardess was treating this Sikh people like s***. There they were showing their black faces, screaming at them, purposely waking up their kids, making them cry, making everybody frustrated, claiming some some safety procedure was breached. Things shouted included:"IF YOU DON'T GET YOUR BAG INTO THE OVERHEAD CABIN, THIS PLANE CANNOT TAKE OFF." When facing a family of the opposite skin colour, the mood changed immediately. The black cloud over the fake pretty face disappear, the voice decreased by a few decibels. What more can I say?
Back to the topic of Racial Harmony Day, I really did not see the point in VJ getting its students to come dress in ethnic costumes. Knowing the people in VJ, this became something more like a fashion parade, with everybody jostling for that few minutes of being able to wear something pretty to school and being cheered on by the whole school. Just what race did those two Ninja's represent? This is a day we celebrate the peace and bond shared between the different ethnic groups, not parade in our traditional costumes. How has that parade helped me apart from giving me a few laughs? The Pegasus guy pointed at the guy and said this is a Baju Kurung. I almost fainted. Come'on man, that is a Baju Melayu, worn by guys, not a Baju Kurung worn by girls. To thing that that costume was something from this race. Hey man, make sure you know your own culture first before trying to harmonize with other people. What did I learn? Nothing. Didn't make me a few more friends from the other culture or helped me learn something about the other ethnic groups that I don't already know. All I saw was people scrambling to toilets to get changed into their best to again strut and fret the hour upon stage as quoted from Shakespeare's Macbeth.

How to get closer to you?
I don't know if I should.
Please respond.

Thursday, July 19, 2007


I imagine myself on stage
I imagine myself either sitting on the throne behind the drum set around me
I imagine myself holding a Gibson standing right behind the monitor speakers
I imagine beside me is my quiet bassist, smiling at me
I imagine my guitarist, wide smile and waving
I imagine my vocalist, holding the mic up high, eyes closed
I imagine looking down stage, thousands of fans screaming their lungs out, arms raised
I imagine looking at my own posters held up high my fans
I imagine the flashes clicking non-stop
I imagine the G chord being strummed and the sound booming out of the Marshall behind me and the gigantic concert speakers beside the stage.
When will this come true?
Where am I going to find that elusive bandmates?
When are the right people going to appear?
Please answer my call for help.


I did a test that was supposed to be very accurate

Your view on yourself:

You are down-to-earth and people like you because you are so straightforward. You are an efficient problem solver because you will listen to both sides of an argument before making a decision that usually appeals to both parties.

quite true i think

The type of girlfriend/boyfriend you are looking for:

You like serious, smart and determined people. You don't judge a book by its cover, so good-looking people aren't necessarily your style. This makes you an attractive person in many people's eyes.

This is only half true. I do like serious, but not serious all the time, must be able to humour me. Yes, being smart is important, not just smart academically but in terms of common sense too. Don't like dumb blondes. Determined yes. I actually do kind mind the cover part, just that my sense of beauty is a bit different from many people.

Your readiness to commit to a relationship:

You prefer to get to know a person very well before deciding whether you will commit to the relationship.

Not really. I normally rush head on.

The seriousness of your love:

You like to flirt and behave seductively. The opposite sex finds this very attractive, and that's why you'll always have admirers hanging off your arms. But how serious are you about choosing someone to be in a relationship with?


Your views on education

Education is less important than the real world out there, away from the classroom. Deep inside you want to start working, earning money and living on your own.


The right job for you:

You're a practical person and will choose a secure job with a steady income. Knowing what you like to do is important. Find a regular job doing just that and you'll be set for life.

Not true. I'm a risk taker.

How do you view success:

Success in your career is not the most important thing in life. You are content with what you have and think that being with someone you love is more than spending all of your precious time just working.

WRONG. Success is never near for me. I'm never satisfied.

What are you most afraid of:

You are concerned about your image and the way others see you. This means that you try very hard to be accepted by other people. It's time for you to believe in who you are, not what you wear.


Who is your true self:

You are mature, reasonable, honest and give good advice. People ask for your comments on all sorts of different issues. Sometimes you might find yourself in a dilemma when trapped with a problem, which your heart rather than your head needs to solve.



Scholarship under probation due to unfavourable results. I'm supposed to get average C but ended up with crappy C,D,E,E,S. which is like an average E. Sigh. It was a mistake coming to VJC I think. There is nothing except music that is inspiring me. The pressure is huge. The lectures are going so fast I don't even know whats going on. Its so competitive. Maybe I should have gone to SAJC. Jun Lam even got a C for GP. Its terrible la. Everybody is so smart and hardworking, everybody is so far ahead. And if I had gone to other JCs I wouldn't have met you. Causing me to go head over heels over nothingness. Pointless. Blankness. Emptiness...


Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Die Hard Harry

You are back,
great to see you bright and healthy,
I've been thinking of u a lot during those days,
I wonder who was on your mind.

2 movies in 2 days. Die Hard 4.0 was superb. The hackers and stuff. Wow. John McClane the cop is sexy with his bald head and insane about his job too. Shoots himself to kill the terrorist hacker. The technology involved is astounding.

Harry Potter not very nice. The whole movie seemed like rushing from scene to scene, plot to plot. The newspaper comment about it better than the book is CRAP! Book is definitely better. At least we don't have to rush from scene to scene just to watch Harry spend 3,4 precious minutes kissing Cho, a plot which was non-existent in the book.

I haven't been posting frequently. So tired everyday. I've nothing much going on but I also dunno wat the hell I am doing. Maths lectures are a waste of time. I've no idea whats going on during Maths. SUCKS.. Dun have Mrs. Anna Tan to inspire me anymore. Exams results like crap. C,D,E,E,S. S for Chem, C for music.


I wonder how are you,
I wonder how did you do for your exams,
I wonder, I wonder,
Wished I had a bit more guts,
Wished there wasn't such a gulf..

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Post exams blues

Hi peeps,
Sorry I haven't been updating in a long time. Been pretty busy running around.
Exams results sucks. E,D,S so far. Hopefully, music will bring me some joy tomorrow. Sigh.
I'm playing Sonatina by Dvorak and Gavotte from Partita No.3 in E by Bach for concert.
Some amazing lyrics from Jay Chou's new song 不能说的秘密. I'm quite in love with it now. Never been in love with a Jay Chou song since a long time ago. I love the ostinato bass line that repeats itself throughout the entire piece. Simply beautiful



是曾与你躲过雨的屋檐 oh


I'm going to start composing already. I jammed with lu dou bing the other day and they are amazing people with this amazing vocalist who has a Cao Ge voice. Amazing. Hopefully our gig at Orchard on the 22 of July will work out fine. My EoM is kinda sucky. Haix. Update soon. Its 1 am!!!

Monday, July 2, 2007

Celebrate our youths with football

Just the other day, one of my friends mentioned I don't understand at all how guys can get so excited watching 22 men kicking the ball around.
Well, there really is this undescrible feeling which, is undescribable. Its very different watching on TV and live really. I don't really watch lots of matches on TV anyway. Just those huge matches and I mainly watch for the goals. Anyway, watching live gives you the advantage of watching all the off the ball movements and the players make and you also get to see the sutle little movements that the players make that makes you go WOW which you normally miss on TV. Watching the final football match at Kallang Stadium adds to the emotion I guess.
I'm not a Singaporean nor did I grow up watching matches at the National Stadium but I could feel the emotions going through the crowd there. Despite many of them being only there to watch the football match and leaving soon after which is a sad scene. Even for me, I could feel the tingling and ripples on my skin as the video was played and historical moments were slowly read out. I think Singaporeans are really lucky to be able to enjoy all these facilities and monuments so close to home and all the special efforts and events organized to commerate historical monuments. I really wouldn't care less if the Muar Stadium was torn down. Actually, the faster they do that the better. I wouldn't care if Bukit Jalil was torn down anyway. There's zero emotion between me and that place. I have actually only seen it once. I must say I'm very grateful and proud and to be among the last people to see the stadium in its full grandour. I'll post pictures I took tomorrow. The scores for the matches were

Malaysia ex-internationals 1-1 Singapore ex-internationals
Singapore 0-3 Australia

Anyway, today the Brotherhood of Jar Jar Binks and Juniors gathered to celebrate our youths with a football match. At first, the sky turned dark and we were all praying that it won't rain. Then it didn't rain. Then to our horror, the field was taken up by many PERKS. But we managed to work out a compromise so the match finally start. I played as striker today and had one penalty saved my Ji Teng and one chance hit the post. I didn't make a single tackle today. Anyway, I realised that the one handed push whicle running technique that Gomez taught me is damn useful to help myself and my teammates from oncoming defenders. I am quite happy that I was calm everytime I got the ball today which is a big improvement from last time already. The only problem is I'm still not calm enough to make the correct moves and decisions. Haix... need to improve. I'm really glad that the gang met. It really is good fate that I've such great friends. In fact, they are so great that they totally set the benchmark for any other type of friends that I might have in school and nobody comes even close. So maybe that's why I always say I don't have friends in school.


Check back tomorrow for photos

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Practise, practise, practise and more practise, is there any use?

Some times i wonder whether there is any use in practising my violin.
I think when it comes to music, practise is totally different. Its not like maths where the more u practise, the better and faster you get. For the violin, no matter how much I practise I still seem to be the same. I don't feel much fast or more accurate.
To think that I gave up on my Chem last night to practise so hard last night, and the night before, and the night before, and throughout the holidays, and before the holidays and before term started all for today's mid years music exams.
First thing Audrey said, "I think you all never rehearsed enough".......
Thank you very much....
Those people who started young and had good teachers who had good teaching methods and learn to play the correct way, or were born talented (this applies more to the case of singers) WIN ALL LAH!!!

What am I thinking of... Forget it la.
Hours upon hours upon hours of practise comes down to a 25 minute session in which if you screw up then that's too bad for you...
I've been insulted....

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Bewitched, bothered and bewildered

Your True Love Is a Sagittarius

Why you'll love a Sagittarius:

Deep and philosophical, you'll love getting lost in hours of conversation with your Sag.
Your Sagittarius is curious and adventurous enough to keep you interested... not an easy task!

Why a Sagittarius will love you:

You're passionate about a few important issues, a kind of depth that Sagittarius finds very attractive.
You're outgoing, flexible, and up for almost anything. You and your Sag will have tons of adventures together.
What Sign Is Your True Love?

The only sag that i know? My sister. No wonder we are siblings

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Call me a genius

PHEW!! Its finally over. I finally managed to fix the bloody mess of a network in Dad's office. I've never configured a network as complicated as this before and a huge thanks to all the people at who helped me so much. This network is so tough because I had to work with a hell of a lousy streamyx modem that Telekom provided and I had to isolate Dad's computer from the rest of the 20 computers on the 24 port network switch which was itself connected to a D-Link router so that I could set specific firewall rules for all those computers and Dad's computer was isolated from the rest so that it would not be limited by the firewall rules. Its basically DSL modem-->Linksys WRT54G wireless router-->D-Link wired router-->D-Link Gigabit 24 port switch. Phew, my mind is like swirling with ip addresses now as the Linksys and D Link have different ip addresses and the modem on its on has another set of ip address. So i was like doing trial and error the entire day until i finally hit on the correct combination. The entire network of computers is up and running how and the wireless is working perfect and so is the online video cameras and I just keep my fingers cross that everything goes well. YAY

And this are pictures of me experimenting with Mum's amazing mirror which has this amazing ability to magnify our reflection. I've plenty of Physics laws going thru my mind now. Wonder which one fits.

Going to Ahma's village tomorrow which is called Sua Teng which is translated as on the hill top which is actually this village called Gombang which is a few miles from the slightly bigger village called Pagoh. I can't wait to attack King Kong's coffee shop for the delicious toast kaya and butter bread and some Milo ais or Kopi or Teh Tarik. His coffee shop has always been that delicious since I was born. And of course I get to see my not-too-distant-cousin/relative who is 18 this year who got married and gave birth to a baby girl last year. Considering I'm already 17, this is amazing. I'm like an uncle now. (feels old)

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Malaysia is Great

The joy of escaping from that blessed country and coming back home is just incredible. There is this indescribable feeling of freedom and liberation. I think coming back this time is especially special and fun because Jie is back and I've somebody to talk to and fight with and share the fun with instead of like being at home in my room alone the entire day. And the thing is most of my friends are already freed from the constrains of school and transport and communication so a lot of us communicate through handphones and MSN and they can already drive around and have lots of free time so there have been an increase in gatherings and parties from people whom I've never went out with before. Anyway here's a picture from Wei Xiang's birthday party last night. And I have not met Jiun Farn and Wei Xiang since I left for Singapore 3 years ago. Yup, thats what constrains to communication, transport and school can do to you and your friends.
I think the 3 air cons in the house have to been switched on simultaneously for the night for like 2,3 years now. I've had a lot of fun this time. The only spoiler is the mid years directly after the holidays. I've to juggle practising the violin and studies and the joy of being at home and all the food galore. I wonder if any other superman out there have achieved this feat before. Just music alone is f***ing crazy. I mean other subjects don't have stuff that requires you to practise everyday for 2 hours at least and you have to be focused and well disciplined during those 2 hours and you have to be in good well awake conditions too and that is on top of the huge pile of music notes that you have to study. Its insane really to take music. I wonder how are the others coping. I figured out that if I'm not done revising by now I might as well give up because I'm going to fail anyway. But I'm guilt stricken.

Currently reading The Jester by James Patterson and Andrew Gross
Currently listening to 你不在-王力宏

My beauty of an on loan violin from Ms Kwok. Its a 20+ years old German Mattio Alban copy. The bow and the violin cost an incredible price of $6000. I'm very much in love with its aesthetics and the huge sound that it produces

My beauty of a violin case which Jie bought for me from London costing an amazing 70 pounds which is like $200 plus Sing dollar which is much cheaper and cooler than those $800 bucks BAM cases.

Sunday, June 17, 2007


As requested by Cleaven,here are the lyrics for 放假了 together with guitar chords :-)

C F G x3
C F G# G

阳光洒进房间 被闹醒了
假期的第一天 就开始了
Am Em F C
仿佛昨天还 正在上课
Am Em Dm G
想起在讲堂 里打瞌睡

C G Am Em
又放假了 心里不知该干什么
F C Dm G
昨天今天明天 就过去了
C G Am Em
又放假了 心里不知在想什么
F C Dm G
刚才现在当会儿 就过去了
C F Gx3
C F G# G

阳光洒进房间 被闹醒了
假期的第一天 就开始了
Am Em F C
Am Em Dm G

F C Dm G A#
刚才现在当会儿 就过

D A Bm F#m
又放假了 每次假期都过好快
G D Em A
昨天今天明天 就过去了
D A Bm F#m
又放假了 这次我要好好的过
G D Em A
刚才现在当会儿 就过去了
D G A# A

FLY, FLy, Fly,fly

I'm back in Malaysia finally :D Just when everybody was starting to go back to hostel to mug, I'm going back home to play. Damn I am crazy and out of my mind.
Anyway, don't think so much about exams. This about the miracles of flying. Cos I was at the airport to pick up Jie today and its like so amazing thinking like 12 hours ago I was on the phone with her and she was like halfway around the world, 7 full hours behind me and 12 hours later she walks out pushing the trolley in front of me. Isn't the invention of the aeroplane simply AMAZING. Just think about it, in 12 hours, you go from fish n chips to asam fish. You go from angmohs to Chinese, Malays and Indians. You go from foreign land to HOME... Its just amazing... blows me away. I bet none of u guys have thought about aeroplanes before. I can't stop saying how amazing it is... Mind blowing stuff.
Ohhhhh, I can't wait to step out of house tomorrow and go and eat all the wonderful food that I miss so much. There is:
1. Asam fish
2. Bak kut teh
3. Mi hun kueh
4. Roti canai
5. Teh tarik
6. Everything the mamak stall sells
7. Laksa
8. Char kuay tiao
9. Wanton mee
10. Char siew rice
11. Cendol
12. Dough nuts
13. Goreng pisang
14. Ikan bakar
15. Mee rojak
to name a few. YAY... come quickly tomorrow

Now listening to 倔强-五月天

All the way my band :)

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Last day

Last night in H1-11-04, the room that I had grew to love especially during this few weeks where I was all alone. I love the darkness, I love the quietness when I tuck in to bed every night. Oh, I can enjoy a bit more when I go home tomorrow but after the hols its going to be back to 4 people in a room again. Cramped, bright, noisy... Sobs..
I wanna go home..

Now listening to 知足-五月天

Friday, June 15, 2007

Japanese restaurant on the bay

The not so exciting part
Woke up late again today. I've been waking up at my record waking up time for the past like 3,4 days which happens to be 1.30pm which is a perfect time to wake up because dining hall ends lunch at 1.30pm which is just great because although I can still make it down there is no way I'm going to rush down to the dining hall all smelly and messy haired and in boxers and singlet like some bloody PERK. Hey, I ain't no PERK.
Anyway so I decided to go to the Esplanade so that I can listen to the Dvorak Sonatina Op. 100 in G major, take a look at the score and see if I can prepare in within a month for the concert. But before that need to settle empty stomach first so I had like a few pieces of biscuit and milo for lunch (by that time was like almost high tea already), packed notes and went to Esplanade.
perform that for concert. After I was done, picked up the paper as usual. Read thru Newpaper and Straits Times. Nothing interesting going on in the world today except that stupid damn expensive Kuala Lumpur drain which is the debate topic in Malaysia today I'm sure. Then by this time it was like 5,6 smth and I haven't done anything yet so I told myself I must start studying. And.. I took out my new story book The Jester by James Patterson and read it till like 7.30pm then I realised again I haven't done anything for the day so I told myself must study and FINALLY took out my physics note and read kinematics and dynamics and finished them. I dunno if I should be happy with my achievements of not. So on the spur of the moment IHello, hello library@Esplanade yet again. The place which accompanied me throughout my O's period. One of the places where my 7 points results were formed. Anyway, thats besides the point. I spent like an hour looking for the score which my ass was facing all the time and yet I didn't noticed. (well, my ass doesn't have eyes) and listen to the piece and it was very typical Dvorak. Can hear some of the distinct dunno wat mode of scale he used which sounds a bit chinese and american. Just like his american string quartet in F. I still dunno if I'm going to decided to renew my library membership and DANG! I'm so stupid for throwing away my old library card it cost me freaking 5 bucks to make a new 1. BOING!!! and borrowed 3 DVDs (HOW CAN I BE DOING THIS DURING THE EXAMS!!!!!). Okay, okay. enuf crap. Moving on to the exciting part.

This is the exciting PART!
Now if you guys are ever at Esplanade and feeling extremely hungry and cold and craving for something to warm you up and keep you alert. Here's my recommendation. Ichiban Boshi!!! which is a Japanese restaurant in Esplanade itself. And I must
say the food there is absolutely delightful and fresh and delicious. Now, when a Muarian says that a particular restaurant serves nice food you must TAKE NOTICE because as everybody knows, Muar is the best place for delicious food in Malaysia so Muarians naturally have a good taste of whats good and whats not. So believe me man, Ichiban Boshi should be the only Japanese restaurant you even bother to visit. Its JAM packed on concert nights and during dinner time around 6,7. If you go there too early say 4,5 there might not be sufficient food going around the revolving belt. I went there at about 8,9 pm today and there was a wonderful array of sushi going around even their most very delicious cheese cake. Their sushi per plate is $1.90 which is standard market price in Singapore. 5,6 plates of sushi should get the average Singapore decently full so your meal will be like 15-16 bucks and you get top quality jap food. Its worth it and savior a cup of fine piping hot green tea. Sooths the throat.
And here are some pics.Here is what I call starters

Some Japanese green stuff that allows me to experience an orgasm :-D Much better than SEX
My main course of Chicken Teriyaki Rice bowl. See the balance of green and brown. Its just perfect. Notice the already high pile of sushi plates behind. As I said earlier, 5-6 should satisfy the average Singaporean by who said I'm the average Singaporean. I'm not even a Singaporean in the first place :-)

*BURP* That was satisfying

Green tea with Japanese cheese cake. Pure class and substance

Sums up my meal

Black and white thrown in for good measure

So those were the pictures from my exciting day out. The meal cost $27 bucks which majority belonged to that Teriyaki Chicken and the taxes. Well worth the dining experience. They have extremely polite and helpful staffs too.

So people remember. If you are looking for great Japanesee food. Please do pay Ichiban Boshi a visit at Esplanade. There have a branch somewhere in Orchard but the ambiance at the Esplanade is just top class.